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    Welp, I didn't expect you to like SnS so much, Enzo. But that's good! I love it too and I'm gonna miss it very much.

  2. D

    Episode 24* 😉

    A great job by jc staff.
    And yeah, it'd pretty upsetting if the adaptation doesn't continue, things are only getting started 😐

  3. k

    Just a thought on why this isn't selling discs, Enzo…perhaps the difference is that it doesn't actually have that much of the kind of fanservice that female anime fans are after? My guess would be that the majority of female fans who buy shows like Free!!, Haikyu! and Kurobasu are fujoshi, and rather than the showing of skin, I think they're far more interested in emotional intimacy. So the manservice kind of misses the mark…and worse, probably makes male anime fans less likely to buy the show (on balance, I think there's slightly more manservice than fanservice, but that could be just me…). I once saw a link to a 2ch discussion that suggests that real life gay men/boys might be the ones enjoying the manservice the most. Alternatively, it may simply be that the fanservice for each side is putting the other half off…

    I'm actually more curious about how all the other merchandise is selling, because I've seen a lot of product announcements/advertising on the official twitter. For example, the recipe book is sold out at quite a few online retailers, as is a fair amount of stuff on the animate online store…

  4. That's as feasible a theory as any – maybe the male viewers who'd normally be fans because of the fanservice are turned off by the fact that it's equal (more or less) opportunity. My sense is that there's actually more female than male character fanservice, but for that sort of male fan, any of the other kind is probably enough to be a deal-breaker.

    Hopefully the others ways Souma is popular – manga sales, crossover appeal, swag – are enoough to convince everyone to keep animating. I suspect they will be.

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