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    I will be shocked if he ends up with one of the girls. The thing I dislike about harem anime's is they end with the wimpy male lead not ending up with one girl. I think I can count on one hand the shows I have watched that actually ended up with a pairing that was satisfying.

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    GE you might want to check out this weeks one shot manga that merges Parasyte with Fairy Tail. Lucy wakes up to find Migi is her right hand. Some pretty funny stuff.

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    Man, for a love guru, Akane sure is brutal in traying to make Youko confess. But I definitely love this whole "coming to terms with my feelings" episode, even Mikan has her own little subtle moments.

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    While I really love Nagisa as a character (she is the one who resonates most with me personally), I feel the main couple is still undoubtedly Kuromine and Shiragami. As was mentioned in the episode, Kuromine is nice to everyone, and of course, the direct result of that would be that most girls will feel touched by his sweet gestures. But that is mainly one-way. IMO, it seems to be Shiragami who is giving back, in terms of trying to consider Kuromine's feelings of having to keep her secret, right from the start. It was also mentioned that Kuromine always fall for girls who have something he does not, and here, we finally see a sort of equality in their relationship (maybe because both are bakas) where they are mutually giving and being thankful for the company of each other. In any case, while I feel bad for Nagisa, I am rooting for the mains here.

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