Fall 2015 Season Preview

One Punch Man Haikyuu 2 Noragami Arogato Concrete
Gundam Orphan Subete Tantei Team Yona OVA

If expectations are a burden, I go into Fall 2015 feeling light as a feather.

There – who says I can’t find the positive in any situation?

This is going to be a pretty short preview, for one simple reason – there just aren’t very many series in Autumn 2015 that interest me.  There are some, mind you – things haven’t gotten so bad that there aren’t always at least a couple of shows that excite me and a handful more that look interesting.  But on balance, this looks like potentially one of the weakest anime seasons since I’ve been watching.

I can’t recall a season where – at least on paper – prospects were more dependent on one series than they are this Fall.  There are a ton of sequels, most of them (as usual) yawners, and a high percentage of generic LN adaptations that can only be told apart by their (pretentiously long) titles.  But there’s also One Punch Man, which seems to have a chance to be that rarest of birds, an anime that’s both creatively and commercially (in Japan and the West to boot) a blockbuster.  It has the pedigree, the studio, and the buzz – and a preview airing of the premiere has done nothing to lower the temperature.  But boy – if this one flops, are we in big trouble…

Fall is, of course, usually the second-strongest season of the year after spring.  And this one has a lot of titles – the problem is just that most of them don’t project to be very notable.  If I’m going to reach for another positive it would be that sci-fi is making a modest comeback, with a few notable works including a potentially interesting Gundam experiment.  There’s slim pickings among sports, romance and comedy though, with one or two prospects being tasked with carrying the entire load.

With so few clear-cut keepers and not much that tickles my sleeper sense, this may be one of those seasons where it takes me a while to figure out what I’m going to be covering, much less watching.  There are almost no carryovers from Summer either, so it may very well end up being one of my leanest seasons ever.  Let’s hope it’s a schedule full of happy surprises.  As always, please vote for your most anticipated series in the sidebar poll!

With that, to the previews:

Young Black Jack

Young Black Jack – Tezuka
Director: Kase Mitsuko

Writer: Takanashi Ryousuke
Schedule: Premieres Thursday 10/01, 26:16 – TBS
Episodes: TBA


First Look: Pioneer female director Kase-san takes the helm for this prequel series about Tezuka Osamu’s maverick doctor, Black Jack.  Takanashi-sensei is very, very experienced – though of course he’s not Tezuka Osamu, so it’s really anybody’s guess how much this series will have to offer.  Still, it’s a potentially interesting new look at a classic, and in this cupboard that definitely merits a taste.

Shingeki Chuugakkou

Skingeki Kyoujin Chuugakkou – Production I.G.
Ibata Yoshihide
Writer: Gotou Midori
Schedule: Premieres Saturday, 10/03, 25:58 – MBS
Episodes: TBA


First Look: The endless cavalcade of cash continues for Shingeki no Kyoujin, as we build towards another season of the root series in 2016.  I haven’t read the spinoff manga this is based on so I can’t speak to whether it’s anything more than a bald-faced attempt to mine more gold from the mine that keeps on giving.  But sometimes with overly puffed-up series like this one, you actually get something more entertaining when all pretense towards seriousness is cast aside and the absurdity is embraced.

Haikyuu 2

Haikyu!! Season 2 Production I.G.                     

Director: Mitsunaka Susumu
Writer: TBA
Schedule:  Premieres Saturday, 10/03, 26:58 – MBS
Episodes: TBA (likely 2 cour)


First Look: This Production I.G. series is likely to be more to my taste, and represents one of the more welcome sequels of the season.  I wouldn’t say Furudate Haruichi’s manga is a classic, but it’s awfully solid – earnest, tightly-written and very fun.

That said, what makes Haikyuu stand out as an anime is that, like it’s Weekly Shounen Jump stablemate Shokugeki no Souma, it’s received a virtually unassailable adaptation.  The first season was a class act all the way – fantastic animation and music, good cast, and some of the best choreography you’ll see in any sports series.  There are sports manga I love more that I wish had gotten the treatment Haikyuu did, but that’s neither here nor there – Haikyuu should be appreciated for what it is, and it’s pretty much carrying the load for sports anime this coming season.

Gundam Orphan

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans – SunriseDirector: Nagai Tatsuyuki
Writer: Okada Mari
Schedule: Premieres Sunday, 10/04, 17:00 – TBS
Episodes: TBA


First Look:  Where to begin?  Surely, Iron-Blooded Orphans sends more mixed signals than any other Fall series.  On the one hand it’s Okada Mari writing original material for an established franchise – and a mecha franchise at that.  Thus far that has produced nothing but disasters and clusterfucks, without exception.  But on the other, she’s paired off with one of the absolute best in the game in Nagai Tatsuyuki – with whom she did arguably her best work in AnoHana.  Okada with a strong director to rein in her errant impulses has often produced good to great results.

So which augers win out here?  I surely don’t care to guess – but the curiosity factor is certainly high.  Gundam itself has been a mixed bag in recent years, but Orphans sounds sort of interesting, like a cross between Infinite Ryvius and Lord of the Flies.  A bunch of teens launches a revolution after being set-up and abandoned by the adults in am exhausted postwar Earth?  OK, I’m game to give that a try – wary, but intrigued.

Tantei Team

Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note  – SIGNAL MD
Director: Ichikawa Kazuya
Writer: Fudeyasu Kazuyuki
Schedule: Premieres Wednesday, 10/07, 18:45 – NHK-E
Episodes: TBA


First Look: This is something close to a total flyer for me, but this is the sort of season where anything giving off even a tiny sleeper vibe makes the preview.  I’m always interested in character-driven shows that aren’t about high schoolers, and this is is set in 6th-grade (and the fact that it’s based on an actual – not light – novel is reason for hope as well).  It’s about a girl who joins a club with four quirky boys which ends up solving mysteries around the school, and her friendship with the boys.  This might just be sweet and charming – or it could easily be nothing noteworthy at all.


Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider – A-1 Pictures
Director: Kanbe Mamoru
Writer: Oono Toshiya
Schedule: Premieres Thursday, 10/08, 24:55 – Fuji TV
Episodes: 12


First Look: For numerous reasons, Subete ga F ni Naru is comfortably in the top tier in terms of expectations this season.  Let’s hope NoitaminA does better with this mystery-tinged novel adaptation than they’ve done with Ranpo Kitan – though that’s a pretty low bar, and my real anticipation (off the charts) points towards next season’s mystery NoitaminA, Boke Dake ga Inai Machi.

A research lab worker meets up with the daughter of his mentor, they find a corpse, and all sorts of mysteries break out – with S & M (it’s a pun) to boot?  It’s all part of Mori Hiroshi’s (again, not light) novel “The Perfect Insider”.  And this adaptation has Oono Toshiya writing it, which adds to the intrigue – I adore his Tsuritama, but find his two Gatchaman series lazy and poorly-executed.  Kanbe Mamoru (Elfen Lied, So Ra No Wo To, Kimi to Boku) is very experienced and pretty accomplished, and music by the great Kawai Kenji doesn’t hurt, either.  Mori-sensei is an interesting writer, a bit of a flake whose mysteries tend to be science-driven.  I expect this one to be better than Ranpo Kitan for sure, but I’m not sure of much beyond that.

Onsen Yousei

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan – Production Reed
Director: Yanase Takeyuki
Writer: Tomonaga Korie/Murakami Momoko
Schedule: Premieres Sunday, 10/04, 20:55 – BS-Animax
Episodes: 13


First Look: A complete an unapologetic weak-season flyer on this one.  Expectations are low, but there have been manga serialized in Comic Meteor that have been respectable, and I love onsen.  I suspect it will be no worse than a kick in the head.

One Punch Man

One-Punch Man – Madhouse
Director: Natsume Shingo
Writer: Suzuki Tomohiro
Schedule: Premieres Wednesday, 10/04, 25:05 – TV Tokyo
Episodes: TBA


First Look: And so there it is, the big one – the series on whose success the entire season more or less depends.  It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love ONE’s manga, Madhouse has produced more great anime than any studio in the last few years, Natsume is a fine director and the previews have been jaw-dropping (as well as suggesting the show could run for quite a while).  The expectations are pretty much off the charts here, but we may as well indulge ourselves – this season needs something for the audience to get excited about.

I have read some of the manga, and I agree that it’s unique and vastly entertaining.  But I’ve resisted the preview screening so far (nearly caved a few times) because I really want to go into the season fresh.  It’s hard to describe OPM, really – yeah, it’s a story about a superhero so overpowered his life is basically dedicated to finding a challenging opponent, but it’s a lot more – intensely satirical, introspective, and quite dark at times.  It’s an odd and heady cocktail, and I think there’s a chance this series could be a very big hit both in Japan and in the West (where its themes should find a natural audience).  Yeah, this could be a bust, just like any new series could – but not only would that be a crushing disappointment, it would also be a huge surprise.

Noragami Arogato

Noragami Aragoto – BONES
Director: Tamura Koutarou
Writer: Mieno Hitomi
Schedule: Premieres Saturday, 10/02, 25:05 – Tokyo MX
Episodes: 12


First Look: It always seemed a decent bet that Noragami would get a second season.  It sold moderately well,  gave the manga a fairly big bump, and the first season was ended with a short original arc – seemingly in order to save the longish Bishamon Arc for a sequel.  So when Aragoto was announced it wasn’t a shock, though certainly welcome.

BONES has reassembled the team from the first season, and it’s a damn good one.  Noragami features two seiyuu I don’t always like, Kamiya Hiroshi and Kaji Yuuki, in roles that are among their best (actually that could apply to Uchida Maaya too), to go along with exceptionally creative and witty visuals and the manga’s sharp humor.  Noragami isn’t quite a great series, but it’s a very good one indeed, and along with Haikyuu represents the most compelling sequel of the season.


Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou – Bones
Director: Mizushima Seiji
Writer: Aikawa Shou
Schedule: Premieres Monday, 10/04, 23:00 – Tokyo MX
Episodes: 25


First Look: Here’s BONES’ other show of the Fall, and it’s equally intriguing though much less of a sure thing.  When you have an elite studio like BONES, a powerhouse if erratic director like Mizushima, one of the most iconoclastic writers in the industry in Aikawa and two cours to boot, you’ve got the potential for something interesting.

Concrete Revolutio is an original series, and from the earliest days it’s been described as a Japanese “Watchmen”.  The premise is that all of the superhuman races from Earth’s mythology have been brought into existence at the same time, and it makes Concrete Revolutio sound like a pretty interesting mix of science fiction and fantasy – though the way the superhero cast is treated sounds as much like X-Men as Watchmen to me.  In broad terms this theme has been done a lot (though this does sound like an interesting take) and though very talented, both Mizushima and Aikawa have been involved in a couple of absolute clunkers.  This one could go either way, but the sheer talent involved makes it one of the most anticipated series of the season.

Comet Lucifer

Comet Lucifer – 8bit
Director: Nakayama Atsushi/Kikuchi Yasuhito
Writer: Nomura Yuuichi
Schedule: Premieres Monday, 10/04, 22:30, Tokyo MX
Episodes: TBA


First Look: Another original sci-fi series, albeit with a fairly nondescript staff list.  This one’s about a space boy who collects rare crystals on his home planet “Gift”, who meets a mysterious girl by an underground lake, and…  Well, you’ve heard it before.  Maybe there’ll be some old-school sci-fi charm in that well-worn premise.


Osomatsu-san – Pierrot
Director: Fujita Yoichi

Writer: Matsubara Shuu
Schedule: Premieres Tuesday, 10/05, 25:35 – TV Tokyo
Episodes: TBA


First Look: The first thing that must be said about Osomatsu-san is that it’s very likely no one is going to stream it, which in concert with the decline of true subbing groups (because of streaming) means it’s likely we won’t see it in English.  But I’ll be watching in the event someone does sub it, because this updating of the old-time classic Osomatsu-kun looks like it could have a sharp and slightly raunchy wit.  That story followed six naughty 10 year-old sextuplets who were in love with the same girl – the new one picks up the narrative when they’re adults

Will Definitely Blog: One Punch Man, Haikyuu S2, Subete ga F ni Naru, Noragami Aragoto, Concrete Revolutio.  What strikes me is that’s quite a high percentage of the total shows previewed – not much depth this season, but some interest at the top.  It must be said, though, that a couple of those series are less than sure things to stay in the rotation for the entire season.

Sleeper Candidates: Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, Osomatsu-san.

Yona OVA Noragami Aragoto OVA Souma OVA

OVA/Movie: As usual, all the OVAs on the list are extensions of current or former TV anime.  But at least there are a couple of good ones in the bunch.

Akatsuki no Yona (OAD) – 9/18/2015: It’s no spoiler to say that Pierrot’s wonderful Akatsuki no Yona is going to be on this year’s Top 10 list.  I’m still holding out hope for a second season – the disc sales weren’t bad for a shoujo (especially considering how absurdly late they went on sale) and the manga got a decent bump.   But if this is it, treasure it.  On tap are two manga bonus chapters – an onsen episode and a Kija (Hakuryuu) back-story chapter.

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (OVA) – 9/30/2015: It’s quite nice to see more Tokyo Ghoul despite the uneven second season, and based on the mammoth bump in manga sales I think we’ll see another season soon enough.  I’m really going to miss ultra-stylish director Morita Shuehi, but hopefully this side-story focused on Arima will prove engaging.

Shokugeki no Souma: Jump Festa 2015 Special (OVA) – 11/03/2015: What do we know about the plot of this Jump Festa Special?  Not a damn thing.  Nor do we know if Shokugeki no Souma will get another season despite (to me, at least) surprisingly weak disc sales.  But I suspect it will, given the blockbuster status the manga enjoys.

Noragami Aragoto (OAD) – 11/17/15: The first of two OADs, this  depicting the Nijikn no Teikei ni so Koto arc of the Shuuishuu spinoff manga, which appears to be more comedic and romance-related than the original manga.

Kokoro Ga Digimon Saikai

Theatrical: The pickings are as slim on the big screen as the small screen this season, with only two theatrical release making the cut.

Kokoro ga Sakebittagakerunda – 9/19/2015: Nagai and Okada aren’t only re-teaming on TV this season – they’re also collaborating on a follow-up to their massively successful AnoHana franchise.  This film is set in the same mythology (and town – Chichibu) as AnoHana, but with a different cast.  This time around we have an “egg fairy” which takes away a girl’s voice after she says something very hurtful as a young child.  Well…  I’m going to withhold judgement, because I’m a huge fan of AnoHana and I’m hoping the good Karma carries over.

Digimon Adventures Tri. 1: Saikai – 11/21/15: Remember that new Digimon TV series I wrote about a while back?  Turned out it was a series of movies instead, and this is the first one.



  1. R

    Will definitely watch One Punch Man. And while I don't hide my distaste for its last two episode, Noragami's first season, as a whole, was really enjoyable that I am definitely game for the second season.

    Now, Iron Blooded Orphans is the series that I am both intrigued and worried with. Reconguista was horrid (considering it was supposed to be the franchise' anniversary series) and Okada's last foray to the mecha genre isn't exactly something worth to talk about. But, let's see. If the woman manages to pull everything right in the same way she made her best series work, then there might be a surprise. On the plus side, as someone pointed out somewhere else, she works best when she only has 1-2 shows to juggle around and Orphans seems to be the only one she has this season.

    Oh, and I am intrigued with Comet Lucifer's mecha design, so I might try watching it for that.

  2. A

    I'm really really interested to see Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider in anime form having seen the live adaptation earlier this year.

    The lineup this season is pretty likeable. Aside from One Punch Man, the rest of the new series don't carry too much hype. Here's to an enjoyable season.

  3. O

    What about Lupin? 😮

  4. I already previewed it so I thought it'd be kinda redundant to do it again. Will definitely give it a trial, though.

  5. A

    I am going to watch one punch man and young black jack.

  6. T

    Aside from One punch man (which I'am happy to say I have not read the manga, which means I'm in for a surprise) and AnY OAD I'm not really looking forward to much this coming fall. This means I can play catch up on series I have fallen behind.

  7. R

    Concrete Revolutio interests me most since I saw posters for it at AX and really liked the art style. And original series are getting rarer and rarer so I'm certainly holding out hope it's a good one.

    But overall, this is going to be catchup season for me. Hooray, my backlog is getting cluttered.

  8. K

    you don't watch owarimonogatari? that's surprisingly strange.

    I hold expectation on Garo 2nd season and owarimonogatari. Garo because season one is good. and owari because its sequel from monogatari series, obviously.
    and I think I may watch two original anime (concerto and comet) they can be amazing or flop either.

  9. Why would that be strange?

  10. R

    I feel like Enzou's dislike for the series and director Shinbo (mostly Shinbo really) has been made pretty damn clear. You could only make it clearer if you hung giant neon lights around it or something

    I personally haven't forgiven Shinbo for what he did to Mekakucity Actors

  11. J

    Don't worry Enzo, I utterly detest the Monogatari series and Shinbo directed stuff in general for it's try to have your cake and eat it too self-impressed meta wank approach and just the general insufferableness of everything that goes on them as well as the funny reaction people give me when I have to inevitably tell them that not only do I not think it's masterpiece material but just flat out some of the most awful anime content I've ever seen period. To me in a more sane world it would be the other way around and I'd be the one giving the funny looking and asking the question about a franchise where some loudmouth asshole shoves a toothbrush down his sisters throat is greeted with the cheers of the masses and declarations of masterpiece abound.

    It's nice not to feel alone since it feels like literally everyone else out there absolutely adores this stuff and it's final season is probably more anticipated at large than even One Punch Man, the thing that's actually newly animated and actually looks like something I might enjoy watching.

  12. S

    I tried watching Bakemonogatari. It felt like I was watching an ecchi harem series as directed by David Lynch. Never again.

  13. m

    For now I'm for Noragami aragoto even there are other show that could be interesting, at lest to try.

  14. l

    Lots to watch for me as I'm watching mostly series sequels/continuation, e.g. Soukyuu no Fafner: Exodus – Season 2, Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen, Haikyuu!! Season 2, to name a few. Will highly likely be following:
    – Young Black Jack
    – Kidou Senshi Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans
    – One Punch Man
    – Osomatsu-san

    The rest will just wait and see.

  15. s

    sigh…i cant remember the last time i really didnt care about fall's anime line up the way i do now. On a positive not, nagai tatsuyuki being in the director's chair of a gundam series really puts a smile on my face…he's good with directing characterization and i always love that in a narrative. uhhmmmm what else…..wow this is harder than i thought…uhmmmm well it looks like BONES is still at it, which is always good. Hopefully their original series is good

  16. J

    I just doubled the vote for Shomin Sample. There is nothing wrong with with some amusing and agreeable silliness.

  17. o

    When I heard they were going to adapt One Punch Man, I got really excited, but also really nervous, since there have been (in my opinion) so few anime adaptations that have lived up to the bar set by their manga origins (the One Piece of today exemplifies this, while JoJo and HxH are the few exceptions to the rule). The bar is exceptionally high for OPM given how great ONE's story is, and how crazy awesome Murata's art is. However, it's Madhouse, and episode one looked promising, so I'm just gonna cross my fingers. I'm definitely looking forward to reading your reviews of the show!

  18. T

    None of the trio of Project Itoh films caught your eye?

  19. Yeah, TBH I forgot about those – I am in fact moderately interested in how those turn out.

  20. R

    On another note, unrelated to this. I'm assuming you'll make a mini post about the Sangatsu no lion anime adaptation announcement.

  21. C

    I will be watching:

    – Young Black Jack, because reasons.
    – Haikyuu S2, because it's freaking awesome.
    – One Punch Man, because I love the manga and Genos is my husbando <3
    – Tekketsu no Orphans, because I'm a huge Gundam fan (0079 will always be my favorite anime and Turn A being a close second) and to say that G-Reco left me immensely disappointed is an understatement. So I hope that Mari Okada and that other guy can help me get my fix.

  22. Y

    With Haikyuu, Noragami, and Ushio to tora still going… I'm already happy. I don't really get all the excitement for it, but I'll give the one punch thing a try too… Solely based on your recommendation 🙂

    I'm kinda shocked the chibbi looking Skingeki Kyoujin made the cut!

    I just wish there was a series with a badass miko or something like that… I need more Shinto action! 😛

  23. E

    Its quite amazing that all 5 series I voted for show up at the top of the poll.

    The Okada Mari Gundam sounds like it has more potential than I thought in the preview, I have bad experiences from Recoquista. Young Black Jack is a little interesting, its a pity no true Tezuka anime have been coming out recently, but thats understandable given that most of the works are already adapted.

    Jiken Note is a short it seems, that will probably undercut its potential by quite a bit. Hopefully the season will end up pretty decent, the chart for Winter looks like it could be the best winter in a while…

  24. Beh, didn't realize Jiken Note was a short. Very disappointing.

  25. F

    Guess this gives you some time to blog about older series you didn't watch (or ones you really like).

  26. S

    I'm not a Gundam fan, I don't think I've ever watched a full Gundam series in fact though I'm thinking I maybe should as I have fond memories of what I saw of the original Mobile Suit, but Mari Okada? Thanks no thanks. I will really need some serious confirmation that this is NOT a trite, melodramatic sobfest before I even touch it with a ten-foot pole.

    On the other hand, the hype train for One Punch Man is now launched at full speed. I was always intrigued by the premise but never even read the manga, so I'll go into this plenty fresh. Concrete Revolutio is probably my other pick of the season. I'm a sucker for that kind of hyper-colourful aesthetic too.

  27. K

    Typos everywhere. Google, pls let us edit comments.

    For me this season will be a bit busy:
    Owarimonogatari/ Lupin III/ Fafner/ Garo/ K (I don't really know why) /Gundam and whatever picks my interest later.

    I don't really have a bone to pick with Okada, but I know that some people get triggered easy with her. I didn't hate her latest mecha try (M3 that had such a satisfying ending that it almost made all the suffering worthwhile.) and I actually liked Reconguista en G unlike almost anyone else seems to do. I hope this season surprises me a little, because this year has been really boring.

  28. e

    I don't understand your hatred towards Gatchaman.
    I am busy and I only watch 3-4 anime this season; and Gatchaman is one of them.
    It may be a bit pretentious, but I can see the hardwork and long thought which were put into it, and I respect it; for being different. For not being another harem / boy meets girl(s) / emo high school student getting super power.
    Both first season and 2nd season has their own lesson on humanity, coated by tokusatsu (which is not really the show all about)
    1st season talks about the scaryness of social media, online community, flaming, cyber bullying, etc.
    2nd season talks about the other side, about how people tend to follow majority vote / majority opinion, and that shows up clearly in online community, where you can easily click "like" and "share"

  29. J

    Personally my main problems with Gatchaman are indeed how unrelentingly pretentious and just plain weird and indecipherable it comes across and to a lesser perhaps slightly more forgivable but nonetheless irksome extent how it just has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it's source work and doesn't seem to care about acknowledging it's legacy at all in it's framework beyond a couple of similar names. At the very least they could have turned out a reboot like Casshern Sins which is highly atmospheric and reliant on it's directing, voice acting, excellent haunting soundtrack and sense of suspense to convey a compelling experience unlike virtual any other. Instead we just get something that is boring as sin and a chore to sit through.

    Gatchaman Crowds I really just think in the long run though for me comes down to an incompatibility with the director Kenji Nakamura ([C] The Money of Possibility of Soul Control, Tsuritama) as well as just the IMO annoying unlikeable cast led by the typically annoying and always overacting Maaya Uchida as Hajime who is just not an interesting character nor heroine for me to watch. I've just never liked anything I've ever seen from this director and feel like he's yet another one of those types in the vain of a lot of eccentric pretentious anime directors who gets his cred by convincing people that there's something extra special deep and meaningful about his narratives when in reality it's just one big lead on to nowhere special. When you struggle mightily to understand what the point of something even is and it's supposed to be a show about a super hero team but is just utterly boring and devoid of anything you might expect out of something with the name Gatchaman on it it's just like what's the point really?

  30. K

    People like what they like. I love Crowds, for example. Some people get irked because the show doesn't bother to pander to them and it's busy telling its story without caring about anything else.

  31. Z

    More like it was busy telling its story in the most annoying way possible without caring about anything else.

  32. s

    Not all that much stuff that interests me again this time – at the moment it only looks like I'll bother with three series, those being OPM, Haikyuu and Lupin. Noragami has some outsider chances if I'm liking the prequel (still have to watch it), but yet again it seems like a season with not that much to offer. Well, only suits me. Leaves some time for the backlog, I suppose…

  33. Z

    Pretty bare bones fall season if you ask me.

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