1. b

    Good article

    I'm curious as to why you say that it isn't very popular in the west though.
    I quick look at MAL reveals that its actually the most popular show of the season (121k members compared to durarara's 54k, gangsta's 97k and ore monogatari's 95k)

  2. m

    Maybe it is because this show is pretty grounded in school shounen that it isn't as popular, as compared to say Ansatsu Kyoushitsu which has more drama. This show doesn't seem to try to break any barriers and is quite conventional in terms of the general narrative flow (no massive conflict or melodrama). However, I agree in that this show is very often hilarious and very likeable (even the villains). I also like it because, like Baby Steps, it does make every match up distinctive and fairly memorable, and no one is entirely antagonistic.

  3. G

    Yes I think Baby Steps has the same problem ! Great adaption of the manga !

    But then Assasian Classroom does a great adaption and is very popular so go figure

  4. E

    Its quite popular, definitely more popular than AssClass and it gets quite a lot of upvotes on reddit. I think most people who watch it find that there's not much room for discussion because of how straightforward it is, hence not many forum posts…

  5. G

    One thing early some potential viewers were turned off by the fanservice !
    I think that was a tease to draw in viewers but may have backfired !
    It has calmed down a lot !

    It does stay very true to the manga which may make some episodes lackluster to viewers thus the manga viewing support ! BTW the manga is selling good!

    It is funny and the showdowns are intense !

    You are correct JC Staff is doing great animation !

    I will take another anime "Baby Steps " which stays true to the manga and might be one of the most realistic sports animes going ! But seems to have less of a following

  6. C

    Yeah Enzo's right, it's very true that the manga has a very decent following while the anime is like… it feels like almost no one is watching.

    And it's not like it's some crappy, third-rate adaptation… it's freaking amazing. I think it will become a standard by which we judge future WSJ anime adaptations.

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