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    God I have been waiting so long for Nao's disgusting black magic curry in glorious animation and it did not disappoint one bit! This show is just too funny, I can't handle it.

    They even changed the ED to suit Nao's "white transformation." Based J.C. staff, just based. Between this and Purizun School they are REALLY stepping up their game.

  2. G

    I think you missed something. Nao didn't get interested in Hisako because of the food. She is a masochist and got interested because Hisako verbally abused her.

  3. e

    I can't understand some people's taste. How can they eat such a smelly food?
    The anime even said that it smelled like sewage.
    Odor should have great role in determining how good a food is.

  4. R

    I'm really curious, since we're on the topic of food anime anyways.

    Enzou, have you watched Wakakozake yet? Crunchyroll is subbing it as well. Each episode is really short but it's a lot of fun and I even learned about some new Japanese dishes I didn't know about XD

  5. I have been following it, and I like it. It does suffer from its criminally short length, though. I highly recommend "Sushi and Beyond" if the subject of Japanese cuisine is of interest.

  6. R

    I've heard of that. It's the one about a British family traveling around Japan eating, right?

    Wait, is it on Crunchyroll too? I'll have to check but I think it got an anime this year too

  7. I don't think it's on CR, or streamed anywhere subbed. NHK World shows it dubbed in English and that's widely available and not terrible, and it's also pretty easy to follow raw.

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