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    Unlike in Japan, in my country where it's warm all year round, curry leaf is indispensable in curry. It provides a deep, strong and very distinct taste (and I am talking about the fresh leaves; i have never seen a powdered form before, admittedly). We use it for a lot of other types of dishes as well to enhance flavour. It's my personal favourite ingredient and it grows easily in my country so you can have the plant grown in a home garden or just about anywhere.

  2. C

    You will never look that young when you're 34 years old…

    Also, Junichi Suwabe playing another delicious brown character after UBW? lol

    Since this arc is quite long compared to the others, I do wonder where the anime will leave it at once the episodes are over…

  3. E

    Some of the Shokugeki high schoolers look really old, so I actually haven't been bothered at all by their voices.

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