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    Well we have six episodes and the Autumn Elections are upon us. Given that this particular arc is quire long I can't help but wonder how the anime will handle it in such little time. We'll see.

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    Noooooo only six episodes left don't remind me, I want it to go on forever. I love my Soma ;____;

  3. I'll be surprised if we don't see a continuation, as well as the manga is selling.

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    Yeah. I said it last time how Mozuya is not a villain. It's great to see how Souma and friends fought back fair and square, and regain some ground for their shopping district.
    This is what makes Shokugeki no Souma different from the rest WSJ, and it becomes it's strong point / weak point, depending on who's the target audience.
    I, myself, like it.

    I got trolled too, by the end of the episode.
    What is this, Souma is attacked by hired thugs? Nooo! This is the Shokugeki no Souma that I know!
    But it turns out that the guy only wanted to recruit him, lol.
    But it turns out that the guy

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    I enjoyed a lot this arc's focus on the broader picture, including the "business" aspect of street food. It really felt like a self-contained case study, the kind of thing that would actually help people grow professionally IRL. It also made for something easier to relate to as viewers – as it's impossible for us to feel the taste of good food, let us at least appreciate the cleverness of the strategy that goes into selling it!

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    I wonder if they plan to make restaurant based on Souma's food, that would be great.

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