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    I don't remember at all how the guy on the phone is one of the elite ten. Probably because I watched this anime before sleep too.

    While the story is really interesting, they are ashamed about the fanservice too, which makes it even more interesting. They are totally zooming on Nikumi's meat when they talk about meat. lol. Also I don't mind the harem because Souma is really a charming protagonist and good husband candidate. 🙂

    Fight for it, girls!

  2. C

    I agree Soma's optimism, like his diligence in helping others is infectious. He's A+ husbando material.

    Also, to me this arc in the manga was… whatever. Just totally unmemorable, but I'm really liking it in the anime. Just goes to show what an outstanding adaptation this one is.

  3. C

    The reason I really worried that it (this arc) might have been cut out is because I thought it would stain the anime's name, which so far has been consistently great.

  4. m

    I think the jiggle of Nikumi's boobs was a nice add-on in the anime, which is pretty smart cos only an anime adaptation can do the sound effects and make it impactful / funny. I like that the anime stays faithful but they add a lot of comedic touches, they go down really well because of the impeccable music and comedy timing

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    I do think this arc is a bit of a step down (feels like shounen anime filler material), but I really enjoy the little touches Souma brings such as the villains actually being competent in marketing and the crew thinking about logical ways to make the business work(no deus ex bullshit here so far).

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    Calling the woman villain is a bit too far. 🙂
    Shes got sharp tongue, but she's fighting fair and square.
    She didn't call yakuza to disrupt the shopping district's business or anything.
    Her food is delicious and she got good location for shop.

  7. m

    I think there are no true villains in the show, as you will soon see in the future arcs. There are just some people who uses different approaches to cooking food (while looking villaineous. I mean, even Nakiri Erina looks like a villain, but she isn't haha) but Soma just blows them away. Even so, he always acknowledges the positive points of every one of his opponents and respects their cooking. I think that's what makes every arc so fun in this show because the "villain characters" don't get forgotten and they show their mettle and merits on their own terms.

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    Eh, I've always took 'villain' to be the same meaning as 'antagonist' but on googling it seems they mean different things. You're right that she is money minded but not completely evil.

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