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    Great podcast as usual, although I don't think the year will end up as average on your top ten list since quite a few of the great series airing right now are split cours.
    -Interesting that you continued watching Hibike till the very end even though you didn't blog it, I liked the last few eps too but wished that they had dealt more with the sports aspect. Too much moe fillers inside.
    -The current Durarara x2 is even worse than the first cour imo, I really dislike the cartoony villains and Hijiribe Ruri(her reactions are dumb enough they are hilarious)

  2. U

    Good podcast.

    One question about an anime that wasn't covered.
    Have you considered giving oregairu another chance? I'm probably not the first person to say this, but I think it stands a good deal above most other LN adaptations.

  3. Never say never, but the odds I'll have time to go back to anything older anytime soon are pretty low.

  4. U

    All right, thanks for the answer.

    If you ever get the chance to go back I'll look forward towards reading your opinion.

  5. C

    Hahahaha I love that there was a segment dedicated to Gatchaman!

    I hate Hajime so much, I'm glad she hasn't gotten much focus on this season.

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