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    Personally, I couldn't agree more on Vagabond and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou – both are manga that I definitely want to see animated one day (not counting the OVA for the latter). I've seen the Kenshin anime, though intended to read the manga during the next weeks, so it's kind of reassuring to know that there's still more good stuff that I do not know yet – I liked what I've seen back then, so I'd be in for a good time. Have heard good things about Otoyomegatari as well, can't say anything about it though since I didn't read it (yet).

    What I'd like to see animated above anything else though is another manga by Urasawa – though I kind of doubt that my personal favorite, 20th Century Boys, would make for a good manga to adapt. MAPPA did express interest in adapting Pluto though, so this is definitely one of those manga I'd see. Perfect length for a 2-cour anime as well, and given that it's related to Astro Boy…

    Then there's Dorohedoro, Trigun Maximum and (given that there've been a couple of adaptions from 90s manga lately) Jiraishin, though I'd be almost certain all three of them would sell horribly.

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    One additional one I remembered by now (and I'm pretty surprised that it didn't come up yet) would be Gunnm – it's kinda in the same boat like Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. It DID get a 2-episode OVA back in the day, but that's not clearly enough for what is definitely a great manga. Gunnm itself might be fairly old already, but the fact that the second sequel manga started last year is still giving me some weird hope that there might be an anime, one day…

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    I have only read Kenshin on this list (and yes I agree the last arc needs to be animated. I love the Kyoto arc but the fact we keep only getting to that arc, even in the live action movies is annoying)

    But I also strongly agree with Bride Story, March Comes in like a Lion, & Vagabond. Never read them but know of them all and the synopsis are all things I would love to see animated. And yes I could read them but with a few exceptions I am an anime first than manga person.

    Also with the success of the Honey & Clover anime I am surprised we have not seen March Comes in like a Lion yet. My only thought maybe they are waiting until they can do a full adaption which is also what H&C got.

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    Sorry just realized you said the same thing as me about March Comes in like Lion. That will teach me not to skim before posting.

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    Couldn't agree more on Vagabond- really not sure why that one hasn't happened yet. Though honestly I'd rather see a long-running high budget live-action adaptation of Vagabond than an anime, but the chances of that happening are even worse than it ever getting an anime.

    By the way, have you ever read Vinland Saga? That's definitely the manga I most want to see animated, though I'm biased because it's been my favorite manga of all time for years now.

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    YONA SEASON 2 definitely sits at the top currently, but I suppose that's cheating.

    Since this is a wishlist, I'm going to assume these hypothetical adaptations will all get "the best staff for the job", whomever they might be. Most series I want tend to be based around having nice art styles.

    Mahou Tsukai no Yome comes first, and is like Boku no Hero in that it's less a case of "if" but rather "when". It's incredibly strong in every aspect of composition, and has a really fascinating central relationship. Also seemingly written by an amateur, but you wouldn't guess it from just reading it. Very tempted to call it a modern masterpiece. Certainly among the greats of currently publishing series. Wouldn't see it selling well on disc, but if it got the Nichijo slot it could thrive. Fairytales are still "in" right now, so the general public could embrace this one.

    Majo no Shinzou is another currently publishing one I'd love to see. Fantastic artwork, fantastic artwork, and fantastic artwork. It's in the Mushishi vein of episodic travel stories which often end up relating to human nature and other fun things. Though admittedly the writing quality is less consistent across chapters, and hile there are some really great chapters, it's frankly not as good overall. But god damn, that artwork. Like, just look: http://bato.to/read/_/142272/majo-no-shinzou_v1_ch6_by_ryuusei-no-mafia-scanlations/13

    Some others which have ended their runs (so almost no hope) I'd like to see are:

    Ran to Haiiro no Sekai, by Irie Aki, which ran in the same magazine as Otoyomegatari. Really lovely, whimsical family story that comes prepackaged with spellbinding art design. http://bato.to/read/_/57537/ran-to-haiiro-no-sekai_v1_ch2_by_storm-in-heaven/3

    Natsu no Zenjitsu, a tragic and often harrowing romance by the same author as Koi Kaze. Doesn't deal with taboo issues, but it's just a very well-written, adult romance. One of those series you once would have said "yep, that belongs on noitaminA"

    Magico, which is a cute little romance shounen. Pacing issues and Jump cancelled it too soon, and I'm still upset about that. But very endearing (it's a jump series and I like it, which is a high compliment, imo)

    I'm also being told Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is my favourite shounen manga and needs one, but I have yet to read it myself to confirm. I'm gonna stop there because there are literally WAY TOO MANY good manga floating around to talk about.

  7. g

    Everyone needs to try Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. It really grows on you.

    Lots of great manga has already been tossed on the table…but a sneaky 4-koma i like quite a bit is Kaeru no Ossan. It's so dumb…I love it.

  8. Isn't there a general consensus that LatBH not having an anime yet is surprising?

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    I've heard that, but at the same time I can see why studios would be hesitant to animate it. It kind of grew in an odd spot on the manga tree…a little too childish to draw in the older audience, but too self reflective and sneaky subtle to hook the younglings.

    It kinda sounds like I'm talking about HxH, but that would be setting the bar way too high. At the same time, they are similar in that they take a while for things to really get moving, and for the best characters to grow.

    You couldn't tell the story in one cour, but a studio might be hesitant to commit 24-26 episodes to something that has such a hazy market. It's been long enough now without any signs of animation that I recommend everyone just go ahead and read it.

  10. E

    Did it do well in Japan or anything? It's always seemed to me like something mildly popular in the West that certain fans really love.

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    Still waiting for a proper adaptation of Berserk, the entry level for that manga is high enough for me to think twice before recommending it to anyone.

    Vagabond also sits really high on my top manga ranking, but it's art and use of the manga medium is good enough that I don't think it really screams for an anime adaptation. It'll be difficult for even a high budget anime to replicate Inoue's detailed and fluid character designs imo.

    Other than that there's the complete adaptation of Nausicaa that still may be possible (those manga panels can be a bit hard to follow sometimes at the start) and Vinland Saga which I like but feel that the manga has trailed off a bit since the start…

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    Humbly disagree with your opinion of Vinland- as impractical as Thorfinn currently is, I think his character development has been fantastic and I always felt Vinland had so much more potential than being an action manga. As it is, it reminds me of a great classic adventure story, only told in comic form.

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    I read Bloody Monday, a action thriller manga, thought it was fun,wouldn;t mind seeing it being made to an anime πŸ™‚

  14. R

    In the vein of things that'll probably never get an adaption but I can dream: Ojojojo

    A series so relentlessly adorable and heartwarming I feel like puking rainbows. It started as a 4koma though and those can be rather hard to adapt sometimes. It's not super deep or thought provoking, but it is honest and cute as hell. Like god damn I could drink ten cups of espresso and still taste the sugar but it's just so. adorable. and. sweet in a good way

  15. C

    PSYΠ―EN…. enough said.

  16. E

    Always glad to see another fan of Vagabond. Musashi is an incredible protagonist.

    Hoping a good studio will one day do 20th Century Boys.

  17. s

    I'm pretty sure you'd have noticed sooner or later anyways, but from how it seems the copyright problems around Hi Score Girl were finally solved – so it seems like the anime actually might have a chance again. At the very least, the manga can continue its serialization

  18. I sure did. I'm not going to allow myself to get too hopeful about the anime, but at the very least hopefully the manga is safe for now. And who knows – the production committee may feel the publicity around the lawsuit actually increased awareness.

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