1. You were fine until the spoiler in the last paragraph. Here's the rest of it.

    Oh yeah. Some things Ochai say or do are quite correct or useful. For example, I agree with him about too big numbers of candidates. It's exactly why histories like about Nabe and his friends have happened, such a strong feelings of an inadequacy and an inferiority, being out of place.

    And I think he really did hit Miyuki's sore point. At last he has felt Miyuki insecurities and doubts about the position. I don't agree with his reasoning but I wasn't too glad Miyuki has became a captain. I know he's a fan favourite but the manga relies on him too much enough.

    But Ochai's approach is the worst. He's a keen observer as you said but he uses his observations to undermine players self-confidence most of the time, except Furuya, where he lulls all his doubts, when the pitcher should question himself. What for he was asshole towards Haruichi or Eijun? Geh. I'm sometimes frustrated with this title.

  2. P

    Love episodes like this not only because training episodes (that I love) but it also explains aspects of baseball clearly to those who may not be in the know.

    At this point, I have shamelessly jumped #TeamFuruya and making my way to #TeamEijun. For the simply reason that Furuya's (non existent) character development this late in the game is lousy and how Kataoka is grooming him as ace is lousy. I don't know much about this sport but is Furuya's ability to pretty much just throw fastballs better than Eijun's ability to now throw in and outside? Either way, I'm nervous and excited to see how he gets the whole breaking ball thing cus if he does and the coach doesn't even stoically consider him as ace then whatever…

    Zono and his jealousy/concern has now chipped away at Miyuki's confidence and moustache twirler dealt the final blow.

    Everything else in your recap is on point as always, I remember coming to this site for the DnA recaps and you have actually helped me understand a few things about the sport.

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