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    The Chihayafuru reference was sooo good. And exactly, get out of here with that "slow" bullshit. A show that milks a single strike for 18 minutes has no right to say that, especially not to Chihayafuru.

    The article has some weird code glitch after that, ctrl+f 'jQuery214008268166892230511_1439875059113'

    Kantaoka & Ochiai are such failures. I don't want their team anything ever.

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    horrible formatting. Also wanted to say "I don't want their team to win anything ever"

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    Haha, I like your line about him laying into Haruicchi for essentially no reason. That's entirely how it felt, "who can I knock down a peg out of nowhere next??," Ochiai said with glee… Though I suppose that "how can I screw this team up as much as possible as quickly as possible" seems to be his attitude more than anything else. .

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    Compare all this to how Oofuri handles an injured player: recovery will take four weeks to two MONTHS, everyone practically insists he stay benched, and the author uses the opportunity for character development all across the board. Really, Furuya's injury feels like nothing more than an excuse to put Sawamura on the mound.

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    Haha Ochiai certainly seems to get off from shaking people up with either false hopes / jabs.
    And it does seem like the author uses injury a little too conveniently, either injury or some unstable mental state, to get a player to the field. Happened with eijun a lot, with harucchi too.. It gets a little overused and it makes these players lose merit

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    With that said, it's pretty common in sports of all types for a starter to get injured and then his backup finally has a chance to consistently prove himself. This could be a breakthrough moment for Eijun.

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    Off-topic but still relevant, Part 2 of the Diamond no Ace manga has recently started.

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