All Your Base Are Belong to Us

The only constant in life, they say, is change.

It’s an interesting time for me as an anime blogger.  LiA continues to chug along in its isolated corner of the universe, hopefully still a venue where what’s interesting is more important than what’s popular.  It’s a light season for me at Random Curiosity, but that partnership continues to thrive.  And now, I have the opportunity to reach out to a different sort of audience than usual, and to take myself out of my comfort zone.

Some of you may have read the news last week that (MyAnimeList) is now owned and operated by the Japanese mobile portal DeNA.  As well, they’ve entered into a partnership with the Japanese streaming service DAISUKI.  As part of their growth, they’ve added a “Featured Columnists” section – and I’ve been asked to become a part of it.  I’ll be doing a combination of articles for them – some weekly episodic posts, some editorials and features.

Why take this step?  Again, I think it’s a great opportunity for me to reach a different audience, and to dip a toe into a section of the pool I really haven’t ventured into before.  LiA will continue to be my main focus – I will be transitioning a few series over to MAL (Diamond no Ace, Shokugeki no Souma and Jitsu wa Watashi wa this season), but I’ll be linking to those posts here.  And of course those link posts would be a great place for comments and discussion on the episodes or features in question – especially as for now, readers can’t comment directly on those posts at MAL.  I hope the discussion will continue here.

I think this is a win-win for LiA, and I’m excited to get things kicked off over at MAL.  I hope you’ll join me over there, and continue to support LiA – as always, I’m, extremely grateful to everyone who visits, comments and financially supports the site.  Stay frosty!



  1. N

    Congratulations. While I don't agree with every one of your opinions, I can tell you are a man of discerning tastes, and your reviews deserve reading.

  2. Thanks, Nic – that's very kind of you to say.

  3. B

    May your blogging career continue to prosper, Enzo!

  4. e

    That's some bean chili of news you dished out. Again congratulations, good job and good luck!

  5. I

    Thats awesome to hear, i been following you for some years now so its cool that more people will get to read what you write.

  6. Y

    I take it congratulations are in order! I'm thrilled to know you're getting the recognition you deserve, and I'm even happier to learn that you'll be able to expose a larger audience to your thoughts and opinions, regardless of how often I may agree or disagree with them. Good luck and keep fighting the good fight, Enzo! The realm of entertainment appreciation needs more people like you.

  7. Arigatou, Yana! No matter how undeserved your words are appreciated.

  8. Y

    You keep saying that every time I compliment you! xD My words are well-deserved and you have earned each and every one of them, I assure you. 🙂

  9. E

    Wow thats great news, but I must say that your post format at MAL has been hurt a bit by the change. Hopefully the staff at MAL will slowly improve things over there as they go along, I'm really amazed by how much work DeNA has put in so far.

  10. What would you like to see change, Zing?

  11. E

    For starters, I much much prefer the posts layout on your blog. The pictures are too huge on ANN and really disrupts the flow of reading. Maybe just one main image in front and the rest at the end, similar to Randomc if you can't modify it exactly the same as this blog with click images and stuff.

    Smaller issues are that the main MAL page is kind of cluttered(maybe a new section for articles?), and that i can't see your posts through your profile, but those are generally for the MAL team to solve.

  12. The larger site layout yes, not my purview I'm afraid. I'm still toying with how I want to use images, so thanks for the input.

  13. N

    I agree with Earthling Zing, the images are huge and the font is tiny. I have to zoom in to read comfortably, and that makes the images even worse.

  14. s

    I honestly don't care about 3/5 of the writers there on MAL, though I can say that I'm happy to see two of my favorite writers contributing – you and 5camp, that is. Congratulations, even though I probably won't really follow most of what is written there. Not the biggest fan of that featured article section.

  15. e

    This is amazing. To be called out as one of the writers of such a major website.
    Despite what people say, MAL is undoubtfully still the best anime information source currently.
    I have an account under the same name for seven years there, even though I am pretty much inactive recently.
    I might visit there frequently once again, because you are there. 😀

  16. l

    Congratulations, Enzo! Best of luck! I don't visit MAL but I hope you do well there.

  17. g

    Congratulations! Man, now I wish I have asked about your autograph earlier, now its' price will rise. 😉

  18. Z

    I just hope that they enable people to comment there ASAP. That's a gigantic minus point for a review article, and commenting here while reading the actual article there is even worse. I know this may be an unreasonable request, but could you copy paste the entire article in both places like how you did it in MAL? (at least until the comment section also exists there)

    That said, congrats Enzo. The fandom really need deeper insight on many series which you promote every season, especially in a place with very broad demographic such as MAL.

  19. I'm afraid I can't paste the content here like I do with the RC posts. I'll pass along your input to the editors there, though.

  20. e

    I second Zeroyuki's point about copy pasting the articles here as well, similarly to what you do for series you cover both on LiA and on RC. Technical reason in this case: depending on device and quality of internet connection the whole bouncing back and forth could get rather frustrating if not make commenting impossible…

  21. F

    August 1 as a date for the post?

    And all the comments made before the date?

    I must have missed something….

  22. That's how we sticky on Blogger…

  23. F

    Well … in any event congrats to you Enzo. 🙂

    Hopefully this will all work out well for you. ^^

  24. N

    Congratulations, Enzo. I am happy, but not surprised, that your talent has been recognized. As work has begun to siphon what remains of my free time, I am now wholly dependent on your recommendations to find good series. Based on your track record, though, I'm in good hands, and we can now say the same for your new audience at MAL. Good luck!

  25. l


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