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    image/text size ratio now perfect

    also, good post 😀

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    The only show i've watched on that list is Hikaru no Go, looks like I have a lot to catch up on…

  3. Dayum – seriously? You certainly do.

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    Ookiku Furikabutte has been on my plan-to-watch list for ages by now – the only reason why I haven't started it yet is because the only subs I can find are yellow ones, which I absolutely despise. Unfortunately isn't licensed over here, so buying isn't an option either. I guess that's the fate of something that's more or less obscure. Major (S5 in particular), Cross Game and especially Giant Killing are anime that I loved, though. A shame the Giant Killing anime is incomplete – I'm reading the manga as well, and there's just so much stuff I'd love to see animated.

    Maybe I'll give Capeta a try, I guess – looks like it'd be worth a try, I'd say. Other than that, pretty good list – kind of missing Ippo as one of the sports anime before the boom, but then again Ippo is so well-known that it probably doesn't need a mention.

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    *blush* You're most welcome :D.
    About the list
    – OF has been in my bucket list for ages. Will watch sooner or later
    – Major : I have still to watch the last 2 (1/2) series. I agree s1 is one of the best, sport titles or otherwise. THE FEELS.
    – Capeta: aaah this one is in the bucket list too, but in manga form. I remember glimpsing the art style and loving the somehow sketchy yet fluid lines used for people vs the more detailed and sharper objects and backrounds, and the MC gave me some good vibes. Plus I love me my guys with a good nose…
    -HnG: one of the first manga scans (shhhh) I really enjoyed… and the only tites by this manaka I have genuinely liked so far. Will check out some anime episodes, you made me curious.
    Cross Game: I confess I sampled just little bits of it when it came out… It didn't really click with me and I can't pinpoint why. I don't love Adachi unreservedly – and my fav work of his is not even about baseball – but I find his titles to be at worst pretty readable/watchable usually :,D . This one is in the cryogenic bucket for now.
    – .OD: bucket list. Would you suggest watching OD over – say – Nasu btw?
    – Giant Killing: it's a well done series I agree. Definitely better this than Tsubasa as intro to soccer anime (although in hindsight Tsubasa could fall in the 'so bad is good' cathegory… the degree of realism is closer to PoT or Kuroko-land without the contemporary slick animation and sans contemporary style bishitude XDDD. Episodes count per match and law of physics reached Dragon Ball levels… as kids here we loved it both thanks and in spite of its preposterous elements. I). But even with cheap animation – and my affectionate bias notwithstanding – Ginga E Kickoff manages to give both a mostly realistic picture of the sport and to be involving and fun with characers you feel and root for, be you kid or adult. TL;DR = Ginga E Kickoff rules <3
    Sport titles I'd like to see animated: eeh… I'm having a blank mind moment atm. Let's see…
    – Shanimuni Go could make for an entertaining watch but it's a relatively old manga source and the tennis anime slot is filled by Baby Steps already.
    – Real by Takehiko Inoue.

  6. Don't sell Capeta the anime short, Terrific cast and very well-paced. And yes, if you like chars with actual noses, Capeta is a keeper.
    I've never watched Nasu so I can't compare – it's on my list.

    Sports titles I want to see animated? Jeebus, there's a ton… King Golf for sure (we need a golf anime). Saigo wa Straighto. Rea, as you said (though I'd prefer Vagabond).

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    It's a matter of bandwith atm Enzo :), that's why I bookmarked the manga first.

    Uhm… Vagabond as a sports manga seems a stretch…
    Talking about golf anime was this http://myanimelist.net/anime/3131/Ashita_Tenki_ni_Nare!/ ever licensed in the US? I was about 4 yo when I watched the Italian dub so cum grano salis as they say but I remember it wasn't bad. The MC had a rather interesting personality/design combo >D.

  8. I've never even heard of that one, to be honest. There weren't that many manga from the mid 80's licensed in the US.

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