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    May I know if you are transiting your weekly posts to MAL gradually, or just testing out the platform and will continue to blog here mainly?
    Nevertheless, I will still read your posts wherever y you blog them, but I will try to stalk your MAL posts actively as well

  2. As I said in the "Base" post, LiA is definitely the main focus. I'm going to cover a few weekly series over there every season.

  3. S

    A bit of advice – maybe by changing the format of the links you can have them open in a new tab rather than a new window? Right now they become sort of pop-ups and it's rather jarring.

    Other than that, great Souma episode! And while you crave the ramen, I, as a true Italian, got sparkly eyes at that risotto. I'm going to try it later this week, possibly by replacing apple juice with cider though. And I'm still undecided as to which kind of apples I should use – I suspect golden, since Bramley would probably be a bit too sour. Oh well. Experimentation is the soul of science. I'll take my chances XD.

  4. e

    Uhuh as a true Italian I'd gladly take both :D.

    What about mela renetta or even cotogna for risotto if you can find them – although the latter's flavour can get a tad too overwhelming for a savory dish I suspect. Still, mele cotogne smell divine (I still remember their fragrance from my childhood *_* ) and can withstand – actually require – overcooking, while they are rather astringent when raw. I wonder about their potential of an in-between flavour along the sweet-astringent spectrum after just moderate cooking now… -.

  5. Apples in risotto never even occurred to me. It's interesting, though it didn't make my mouth water the way Pop's ramen did.

    Simone, interesting point. AFAIK my only options are either to have the link open in a new window, or in the same tab – maybe there's a way to do a new tab, but I'm not aware of it. Just OOC, what would everyone prefer here?

  6. S

    "Apples in risotto never even occurred to me. It's interesting, though it didn't make my mouth water the way Pop's ramen did."

    I never had ramen of any kind so I can't imagine how that would taste. The closest experience for me would be instant noodles in broth at a comicon – so yeah.
    About apples, I've had risotto with strawberries, apples by comparison are tame! And apples+pork is a favourite pairing of mine – I usually make sausages with apples. So the risotto is definitely closer to my experience.

  7. e

    @Simone: sausage with apples *__* never really tried that but I bet the flavour balance works as well as in venison and steak with steamed apples and/or berries. Also for risotto experimentation Granny Smiths – when the skin is still green possibly? to keep a bit of the zestiness at that stage – should work mighty fine too I think.

  8. S

    More the steamed apples version. I had game with cranberry sauce, it's beyond awesome, but at that point it almost isn't sweet anymore – it's the sour that dominates. With apples instead they're usually actually sweet. Here in the UK (I left Italy some years ago…) sausages with apple bits INSIDE are actually a pretty common occurrence. But in general apple (or pineapple) + pork is hardly an especially revolutionary pairing.

  9. E

    I'd prefer it to open in the same tab, its more common these days and my tabs don't show when it opens in a new window.

  10. Chicken-apple sausage is actually pretty popular in the USA.

  11. N

    Chicken apple sausage is delicious, but even better IMO is chicken-pumpkin or chicken-blueberry sausage… Mmmm.

    Having just returned from a vacation to Italy, though, risotto is hard to pass up!

  12. C

    Another loss for Soma… and people still say he's overpowered.

    Looks like kaarage arc is in, after all. Nice, they can finish that one up in two episodes easy.

  13. E

    Well, even the overpowered MC is never going to beat his dad/mentor figure this early in the game, as conceptually the mentor figure is usually the overpowered MC + 25 years and hence basically invincible.

    When did Souma get his first loss? The one against Shinomiya certainly doesn't count as that was practically entirely Megumi- her recipe and her cooking (and Megumi obviously lacks the talent to outcook any professional chef).

  14. C

    So far Soma has had a tie with Takumi, another tie/"loss" with Shinomiya, lost against his dad and almost, almost did not pass the training camp. Soma is very strong, resourceful and talented but not OP.

  15. g

    I'm glad they are animating the kaarage arc after all. JC staff has been fairly comprehensive with this adaptation, which is usually a good idea when you have source material this good.

    They are going to have to close shop this season kind of mid-stream though…hopefully S2 will be right around the bend.

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