Under the Weather

Hello, Dear Readers.  I thought I’d post a quick note just to let you know I’m fighting through either food poisoning or a stomach bug at the moment.  As a result, posts are going to be both shorter and later than normal.  My movements are sloth-like, and waves of nausea are hardly conducive to watching television, never mind writing about it.  Please bear with me for a bit.



  1. c

    Oh, no! That sounds miserable. I hope you feel better soon! T_T

    Wouldn't mind if you just took a break until the bug passes or poison filters out tbh. Take care as best you can.

  2. S

    As always, health first, everything else can come later. Get well soon.

  3. M

    I feel your pain dude! Hang in there.

  4. B

    Hope you get better friend =)

  5. s

    get well soon guardian of enzos

  6. v

    Take care and get well soon Enzo. The posts and updates can come later.

  7. A

    Get well soon Enzo and please take care of your health. Hope you'll get better soon.

  8. N

    Get well soon!

  9. G

    Get well and come back soon so you can write some more harsh Fate/Stay reviews.

  10. P

    Hope you get better soon! Stomach flu is the worst.

  11. E

    Bad day to fall sick on I suppose. Hope you get better soon and don't force yourself to write anything!

  12. N

    …there might be a sloth spirit nesting on your head, better have that looked into.


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