The Real Whale Island?

I submit the following for your consideration…

On the left is Ogijima, the small island off the coast of Takamatsu in Kagawa that I visited today.  On the right is…  Well, you know what’s on the right.

Of course, in point of fact I think the place should be called either Cat Island – absolutely crawling with them – or Kumabachi Island. as it was abuzz with thousands of the aptly named, scary but sort of cute and stingless carpenter bees.



  1. b

    It's not that there are a lot of cats per se. More to the point, a great hunter has made his home on the island, and ever since animals have been accumulating…

  2. e

    @booshwashna: *slow clap*

    Fuzzy bees! I love them XD. Pity you didn't take pics of them as well. But congratulations on your island look-alike find – and dare we say improved mobility -. Cats pics are always appreciated, ça va sans dire.

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