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    Man, I only intended to listen to the Hunter x Hunter portion but I next thing I know an hour & a half of my life just passed me by. Great listen, the sports manga/anime discussion was particularly interesting. Never thought once when watching Haikyuu!! that I was watching "cute boys doing cute things", so I'd never be able to make the demographic correlation, especially since Haikyuu!! was pretty much my first foray into sports series. I actually recall asking you if it would appeal to someone not interested in sports & decided to watch based on your yes. It was awesome & that lead me to watch both Baby Steps & Ping Pong, both are which I enjoyed a lot more (Ping Pong especially, it's within my top ten favorite of all time). I'll probably watch Touch some time in the future now, less so because I'm interested in it but more so because of it's cultural impact, that's crazy.

    If I had to have someone take over Hunter x Hunter, I'd go with Naoki Urasawa, which doesn't extend much past the fact that he's probably my favorite mangaka (possibly barring Togashi) though HxH is pretty diverse so I'd think it'd be cool if there'd be a different mangaka per arc. Like Urasawa could handle an arc similar Yorknew, Nobuyuki Fukumoto would be great doing an arc similar to the Hunter Exam, Nobuhrio Watsuki for something like Greed Island, etc. Though I think I'd rather have Hunter x Hunter call it quits if Togashi isn't the complete driving force. I believe he does too, I remember reading an interview where he stated how important it was for him to do the drawings, even if he wasn't that good at it.

    Also, Kekkai Sensen is the best [new] show of the season imo. Though it's been a pretty good season for me, the only anime I've seen that I don't really like are Plastic Memories (same problems as you, with less love for the premise) & Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku.

  2. Urusawa would be a great choice.

    I'm just too enamored of old-school anime not to love the premise of Plastic Memories. I just wish it was better-executed.

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    That was quite a long break between podcasts, glad to have it back.

    Answering the question of who could take over Togashi is very very tough, his style is unique, jumping from one genre to the next and frequently experimenting with new ways to take the narrative. I might pick One Piece author Eiichiro Oda, I find his worldbuilding very creative and I like how quirky his characters are but he'll need to really get out of his comfort zone in order to create something like Hunter X Hunter. One Piece has its problems, but I think that if he takes a break now and then to think through his work Oda could come up with something really amazing.

    It does feel kind of odd listening to the brief thoughts about spring one week later when most of your expectations have already changed.

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    I'd chime in on the Yurikuma praise. I'd say I was pretty ambilvalent on it for most of its run. The last two episodes for me really validated the entire show though, really excellent ending.

    Also, if you're talking under-appreciated gems from the last season, I'd have to throw out a plea for Garo. I don't think I started liking it until around episode 4 or 5, and it's not entirely consistent. I've seen a few people who didn't even start to really get into it until around episode nine (I have a feeling you'd fall into this camp too). But man, the highs it reaches later on are phenomenal. I'd say it's had several of the best individual moments of the past two seasons. Also, I think you'd be a fan of the way it treats it's characters later on; very empathetic while never actually going easy on them. Lèon in particular has a fantastic arc. I'm not sure how much I think you'd like it, but I'm sure you would appreciate it and be thankful a story like this exists.

  5. I watched three or four eps of Garo (I did a First Impressions post) and I could just never get into it. Nine eps is a pretty big ask before a show gets good, TBH,

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    Interesting … last two episodes of Yurikuma had the opposite effect on me.

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    Yurikuma is 素晴らしい.

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    Well, I don't know about Togashi but if he has such a problem with procrastination then I guess it could be depression. And that he's famous and there so many expectations of him because everybody love HxH, doesn't help.
    I've red many interviews with Takehiko Inoue about his work, manga and his hiatuses and he has never said it point-blank but from what he has described, how he felt, he definitely has depression. And he complained how draining was work for him sometimes, especially with Vagabond, and because of that he was loosing motivation and needed a break.

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    It was a fantastic podcast!! I'm just happy talking about HunterxHunter. I personally find that sometimes mangaka rather remain private for the reasons why they go on hiatus. I think its silly for some people to think that Togashi is not invested in the story I mean did they not watch the Chimera Ant arc? I was very satisfied with the anime finale even in the manga that chapter was drawn in way that felt like the end of a journey, but leaves room for more. I think I would be ok with either Takehiko Inoue, Naoki Urasawa, or Arakawa Hiromu. They are all my favs and if Togashi can finish this story with any of them I will be happy.

    On the topic of Gon and Killua personally I didn't think too much about Killua comment about Alluka being number one too much because yeah they are family and he clearly always cared about his sister but the needle prevented him from doing anything to save her (we also don't get the luxury seeing their relationship too much on screen in order to truly care about their relationship when they were children and now that they are older). But yes you are right I think it was important for Gon and Killua to separate in order to find their own paths from here on out. I really want to see Killua find something that he wants to do for himself (aside from protecting people) now that he is a Hunter. I think once that is established him and Gon can reunite and finally speak the words they left unspoken so that they can move on in another phase of their friendship. These two love each other like brothers and I really do hope to see them back together in the future.

    As for Gon considering the current manga arc that boy definitely needs a break so that he can find a new goal to pursue for himself. I like that the focus is now on the adults in the series and we are getting to know Ging a lot better now (I really want to see this dude fight). Its also nice both him and Gon keep in contact with each other so who knows where their relationship as parent and child will go in the future.

    My favorite arcs are the following:

    1. Chimera Ant Arc-The meta-spiritual analysis of the humanity was really surprising and
    honestly each episode surprised me because nothing ever went where I thought it was going to go in terms of plot.

    2. The Heaven's Arena Arc-This was just pure fun seeing my boys train to be the best!!

    3. Yorknew City Arc- Shit got real this arc and there is no going back for Kurapika ;_;

    4. Hunter Exam-This was also pure fun!!

    5. Green Island Arc-It was fun seeing this world Ging created for his son and I love Biscuit she is a great teacher for my boys.

    6. Zoldyck Family Arc- Got to learn more about my baby Killua.

    7. 13th Hunter Chairman Election- Last but not least this arc. Pariston is a hateful yet loveable troll and simply because it has Gon and Ging reunion. hehe for someone like Ging who can think 20 steps ahead it was amazing to see he didn't know how the reunion with his son would turn out and plus I doubt he envisioned his first conversation with his son would be about Kaito. LOL Gon was more worried about Kaito than meeting his father ^_^

    Thanks Enzo and Samu for doing this!!!!

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