Yes, That Post Does Look Funny – Here’s Why…

I’m in the process of moving this weekend, which is why posts have been delayed a bit.  But upon arriving at my new place, which is an apartment building with shared wifi, I’ve discovered that among other things it doesn’t allow me to access my remote PC server.  As such, I’m unable to Access Windows Live Writer, which is how I format all my posts with images (it doesn’t run on OSX).

Long story short, until my hideously slow Windows netbook arrives with my Kuroneko boxes, I have no way to post with images as I usually do.  So for the next day or so, it’s text-only – sorry about that!



  1. R

    No worries at all, Enzo…I usually dive into your writing first anyway. May your new home bring you joy, luck and inspiration.

  2. e

    And kittens! 😀

  3. K

    Is it just me, or is the date of this post tomorrow? What is this, Early Edition LiA version? Maybe you can put the tagline ' getting tomorrow's blog posts, today' too.

  4. That's how you sticky posts in Blogger.

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