Kyoto Diaries – Sakurapalooza '15

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And so it begins…

The darling buds of March have opened across much of Kansai, and while I’m not going to obsessively photoblog them (honestly, that could occupy all my time if I allowed it to) I will periodically toss up some pics as I snap them.  Here’s a batch from today, mostly around the Shirakawa Canal in Higashiyama.  We’re still a few days away from peak, but the weather for the rest of the eek looks pretty crappy (naturally) so I don’t know how many more chances I’m going to get.

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  1. e

    That's a very darling buddy post however you slice it.

    Pretty people in kimono (way to reawaken my kimono bug :,), man), including a family with baby. Awww. And cutest child in pink sans kimono *__*
    Was the lovely (great nape too. Yay for this very Japanese bit of subtle ero) lady in your shot from the back taking a close-up of the blooming branches? ^^

  2. Yes. I quite liked the imagery of the dentoteki lady taking a photo in my photo.

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