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So much Kansai, so little time.

I don’t want to spend all my time writing photoblog posts, so I’m combining several days worth of bits and pieces into a set meal here.  In order, we have:

  • Toji Temple Market (largest in Japan, 21st of every month).
  • Fushimi Inari (I’ve taken so many photos here, I just don’t know how I can possibly get anything really new).
  • Keage Incline (abandoned section of the Keihan Line in Higashiyama).
  • Kanga-an (Emperor Go-Mizuno’s villa, converted a temple which now houses a vegetarian restaurant and bar).
  • Hirano Jinja (just north of Kitano Tenmangu, sporting some early Sakura).
  • Kinkajuji, arguably the most famous tourist spot in Kyoto.  I’d been once and found myself depressed by the massive and obnoxious crowds, but I was in the area and the sun was shining.  And I admit, it is gorgeous – but the crowds are still just as bad.
  • Honen-in – My precious postage stamp of a temple in northern Higashiyama.  Meter-for-meter maybe the most beautiful temple in the world.
  • Minoo – Japan’s first National Park, in the mountains north of Osaka.  Home to Minoo Falls, a 33-meter waterfall (and monkey fugitives, apparently).
  • Kobe – As seen from the City Hall (free) observation deck.  A city lacking in real knockout attractions, but generally very attractive and liveable.  Perfectly sandwiched between the mountains and the sea.

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  1. e

    The pretty! I find your line about Fushimi Inari ironic… that was the first picture grabbing my attention among the present bunch. Followed by the neko, the villa-turned-temple-with-restaurant (I have a weak spot for first light [well, lanterns] shots when daylight still lingers ) – and did you try the restaurant btw? – .
    What is a Disney dwarf doing being worshipped there btw :,D ? I recall a somehow similar shot of yours (was it a Mickey Mouse placed on the ground a-la kopokkur? ) from earlier travels…

  2. Damn, you have a good memory. That was a Mickey in Arima Onsen, back in 2011.

    The first cat is also at Fushimi Inari (place is overrun with cats). Restaurant is for people in other tax brackets than mine. And that dwarf was what caught my eye. I actually saw it as a garden gnome at the time, but I just knew it was an odd sight at a trailside Buddhist altar in the mountains.

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