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One step forward, one step back?

After what was the best episode of the season for Durarara, I had respectably high hopes that we were looking at a resurgence of he enthusiasm the first season generated – at least the levels the second cour did, anyway.  But this one left me pretty ambivalent, to be honest?.  Square one?  No – hopefully just a blip.  But a letdown nonetheless.

  • I’m not sure what Narita thought Akane added to the story, but for me she’s a distraction and a roadblock.  Moe pandering in series like this rarely pays off, and every time she’s involved DRRR feels much more conventional – and I really don’t think it’s at its best when it feels conventional.
  • Izaya?  Yeah, he’s approaching Baka Ouji levels of trolling at this point.  Did Narita think we needed to be shown he wasn’t even above using little kids to get us to appreciate what  sleazeball he is?  Because I thought it was already pretty obvious.
  • Uchuu Kyoudai cameo?  Best part of the episode.
  • 2nd best part of the episode?  Shooter turning into the weirdest-looking van ever and Celty thinking that would make everything fine and inconspicuous.

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  1. g

    Hey, but it wasn't real Izaya. I don't know if Namie is planning something or Izaya hired himself somebody but a guy had brown longer hair and a tacky necklace.

  2. It was an imposter, but I assume that was on Izaya's orders.

  3. U

    Uchuu Kyoudai….? I think you meant your favorite show, samurai flamenco hahahah (which I still believe deserves to be watched even though you dropped it super early).

  4. G

    I watched SF until they added power rangers, liked it up to that point and then went UGH…

  5. R

    So, adding little girl character in a show is automatically pandering now…

  6. Oh, please – who do you think you're kidding here? Did you actually watch the episode?

  7. R

    Yes I did. That's why I don't understand with the pandering remark. It's not like she's there for the sake of being there (and being cute or moe), she was given a decent backstory (which IMO, quite sympathetic), clear motivation, and quite integral to the plot. It's not fair to dismiss her as a mere pandering material.
    The only thing I truly feels pandering so far are the Orihara sisters.

  8. To each his own. To me that was classic LN moeblob pandering. Maybe people are inured to that kind of non-stop vamping because it's so omnipresent in anime these days, but it's rather discordant to me to see it in DRRR.

  9. m

    I agree Akane is a bit of an obnoxious character (though they appear in every single show IMO) but pandering? Maybe I'm missing something, but who is she meant to appeal to?

  10. H

    Season two has been pretty Dullrara. Just like Mikado.
    These new characters who should otherwise be cool and interesting just haven't been either which is a huge problem because they are the show.

  11. G

    There are two more seasons coming. There is hope Enzo, there is hope.

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