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I wonder if Haruichi was born with those bangs?

At long last I’ve found a little time to catch up on the OVA backlog, and we start out with the Daiya no A OVA (the first of a planned three, though I expect the TV series itself will likely continue at some point).  This one focuses exclusively on the Kominato Brothers, who are certainly a likeable enough pair – especially the younger.  If you were expecting anything really surprising here (or to see Haruichi’s eyes) you’ll be disappointed, but the episode is certainly a solid effort and does fill in a few blanks in the character profile.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one, because it pretty much delivers the expected both in terms of content and quality.  We knew a lot of what we saw here already, but it’s nice to see a little more extended interplay between Haruichi and Ryousuke.  It’s interesting to see that Haruchin was such a crybaby – if anything mildly surprised me, that did – and perhaps Ryousuke was a bit nicer to his brother in the past than one might have surmised based on the present.  But really, these two are very much the boys whose portraits were painted by the first 64 episodes of the TV series.

I have no idea what the second and third OVAs will cover, though naturally I’m hoping it’s not more backstory on the boring third-years I was so pleased to see shown the door in recent weeks.  Given that Eijun is the hero and thus has by far the most complete dossier, perhaps it might be interesting to see an episode focused around Furuya, who’s still something of a cipher.  I don’t like him, but he is awfully important – he’s Eijun’s eternal rival (indeed, at present he clearly has the upper hand) and a player with a boatload of ability.  And if his arrogance and self-involvement aren’t especially winning qualities, they are ones which many of the best pitchers possess.  Of all the Seidou team members, Furuya is probably the one who could most benefit from an episode focused on his younger days.

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  1. s

    It's already known what the second OVA will be about, since the first and second are based on special chapters of the manga. Would you consider it a spoiler if I tell about whom the next OVA is? Though nobody really knows what the third one will be about. Making one about Furuya would actually be fairly interesting, I think.

  2. A

    Literally, as soon as I posted my commented I saw yours.

    I do hope it isn't considered a spoiler cus in that case I have no idea what constitutes a spoiler then :/

  3. s

    Nah, I was just trying to be extra careful. Probably a bit too careful, so it's alright.

  4. A

    Eh, I was a little bored with this one but it was entertaining enough. As for the other OVAS, I do know for certain that the second one is about Kuramochi (it's already out) and I think the third one is about Jun (don't quote me on that one).

    I have to say your dislike of Furuya is kinda funny, cus I'm 100% Team Furuya for being the ace. His personality does leave something to be desired but after Tanba's ridiculously lame showing at nationals, Furuya is Seidou's hope to be the proper pitcher they need.

    I love Eijun but his whole "I can change the mood around" is his one of his greatest strength and greatest weakness as far as being the ace goes.

    Let Furuya be Seidou's Narumiya,

  5. Meh, no interest whatsoever if Kuramochi and if possible, even less in Jun.

  6. S

    Kuramochi and Jun? What a complete waste of time. I'd be more interested in an OVA about, well. anyone except the third years. Maybe the Tire that Furuya &Eijun has been fighting and training with. They could milk a double episode from that content alone, I'm sure. Or just a recap of all the Kyaa's and Uga's and nostril abuse that has been made by the third years so far with voiceover commentation from the Seeiyuus.

    "yes. this was an important line right here, it really sums up all the character's feeling and want to progress in the tournament, a line that really rallies the entire team to the cause"
    "hard to believe it was only the third Uga of the episode, but it came at an important time."

  7. S

    fighting about*

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