Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! – 07

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I think Tsuda Kenjirou as a goth-bondage transvestite bar waitress tells you everything you need to know this week.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! breaks with format for the first time this week, but the fact that they do it with the most formulaic of all format-breaks keeps things consistent.  Yes, it’s a beach episode – but this being Binan you know things are going to be a bit… off-center.

  • Fun with Kanji: “Danran Beach”.  It would look the same in Kana (or Romanized) but depending on the Kanji it can mean either “Happy Family” or “Wild Man“.  Guess which one our heroes ended up at.
  • Has there been a female character appearance yet?
  • And no, the aforementioned Tsuda-san barmaid doesn’t count – even if he is an “Onee-Onii-Onee-san” in Yumoto’s words.  Definitely not a cast member from Shinryaku Ika Musume (but wouldn’t that make a fun crossover?).
  • The big mystery?  Who used Io’s toothbrush (hint: it was Yumoto).  Yes, this show knows exactly what it’s doing – the group’s paranoia and self-consciousness about one of them having the hots for Io was pretty hilarious.
  • Loving the ridiculously over-the-top contrast between the peon way of traveling to the beach and the elite way.  “I’m fine with traveling by train.” says the Prez.  “But it should at least be chartered.”  His response to the excessive noise coming from the Danran beach next to the resort?  “Shall I speak to the owner and buy up the surrounding beaches?”
  • So is Tawarayama-sensei dead, or not?  Obviously he’s dead again, after Yumoto zapped him with his million-volt love shower – but before?  Expect this to drag out. 
  • “Well – if I had to classify us, I guess we are on the hot side.”
  • No guest shot for Gora in the final 30 seconds?  Travesty!
  • Don’t tell anyone, but I’m increasingly thinking Yumoto’s “cuddling” is a euphemism, judging by the way he looks afterwards.
  • Cameras at an onsen? That’s a big no-no – bad wombat.

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  1. e

    I'm surprised you didn't mention nor screenshot Ryu's topper anywhere, Enzo.

    – So many back dimples *W* . And that absurd yer compelling toothbrush paranoia (yes I was totally suspecting Yumoto myself btw).
    – Pink on Pink collision! A-Ha!
    – So the teacher wasn't dead (the first time around that is)… just in a coma? The exploded hair look good on him I must say. Will it stay this way?
    – Your cuddling speculah is safe with us I think. Athough's Wombat appearance and dialogue in the aftermath are probably an even bigger clue :,DD. Howewer you slice it, little Yumoto's Love Making power is no joke.

  2. z

    It was that bath scene in ep 4 that cemented it

  3. m

    What euphemism could you possibly mean? Of course cuddling can induce episode of nirvana like bliss and isn't something that should be seen by other people. =o=

    Anyway ever since Fire Emblem it seems that Tsuda Ken is totally the go to seiyuu for okama characters…

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