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All things considered, I’d say that was a pretty strange turn of events.

Gonna be a short one today, as I just got back from Sendai and I’m pretty beat.  In brief, I’m a bit puzzled about what to make of this turn of events in Argevollen.  I’m not sure we know everything that we need to know to make a decision about just what’s going on here, admittedly.  That’s why I feel as if I need to see the next episode before I make up my mind about what happened in this one, because maybe things will make a bit more sense.

In the meantime, theorize away.  Why is Izumi seemingly working on Samonji’s behalf, when Samonji is seemingly working on Cayenne’s behalf?  Presumably this mysterious “Fascinator” power of the Perphevollen has been known to Cayenne since the beginning.  My overriding sense is still that Samonji is trying to sacrifice himself to save Unit 8 and Tokimune, but it’s hard to know just exactly what that looks like.  Does he plan to double-cross Cayenne at the end too, and take him down in flames when he goes down himself?  And what exactly does “Look at me” mean – is that Nanjou Reika speaking?

I was also a bit perplexed by Suzushiro loading a sidearm and heading off on her own (or planning to) after ordering the unit back to base.  Was she planning on shooting him in order to try and save him from himself?  Did she think she’d be able to shoot him inside the cockpit of the most advanced mech on either side?  And if this Fascinator is as powerful as it seems, doesn’t that mean Samonji – and Cayenne – could basically win the war against Ingelmia?  So as repugnant as Cayenne is, why should Unit 8 try and stop him now?

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  1. M

    I think Samonji has a plan to destroy the Ingelmia 's base at the wall and take out their supply line. Then have all the drone bots go crazy in a very public way while casting the blame on Cayenne and the weapon corps. That would make the peace talks more level.

    Suzushiro has been lead around by her nose the whole show. The man she loves does not trust her with any of his plans and has used her and is now casting her aside "to protect her". I think she just wants to matter to him even if it takes shooting him to do it.

  2. i

    Re: Izumi—I think everything we needed to know is in the contrast between him and Suzushiro. "I want to be a good friend," Izumi says. In other words, he just wants to enable Saionji to do what Saionji thinks is right. To be honest, I almost feel like Izumi's given up a little bit. But Suzushiro isn't willing to see Saionji destroy himself: "The friendship of a man? I don't understand that." I'm guessing her plan was to get close to him by talking or something and then shooting him.

    But I do agree that there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up next week before we can really have a good handle on what's going on.

  3. R

    I like this twist. While it is sudden, it does feel like it was well set up. Or at least on the technical side. It would not be inconceivable for the two conniving companies to rig all the Sturm Beta units. The only thing that I am not fond of is that whole "Let's go out there and be heroes" scene at the end. Felt a bit cheesy.

    There is one thing that confuses me though. If the Argevollen really is an important component of the Fascinator system (as implied by Samonji having to wait for it before activating the thing), then why didn't Cayenne have Tokimune transferred along with Samonji in the first place? Everything would still go the same way and Tokimune would still be an unwitting pawn either way. The plan seems to have hinged on a risky assumption that it would specifically be Unit 8 who would go after Samonji here.

  4. M

    I do not think the Argevollen was important for the system to work. He just wanted to get it away from Tokimune. So now it will be destroyed along with all the rest of the new mechs.

    He did not want his squad in with Cayenne so he had Izumi order them to take him down so they could stay on the right side of the civil war.

  5. R

    Well, that seems to be a fair explanation. Still, it's rather odd that the Argevollen can be hacked and controlled by the Fascinator sytem, considering is was made well before the Perfevollens, unless of course if the engineers who made the Fascinator were specially asked to include the Arge into consideration.

  6. n

    Maybe the feature was installed during one of the software updates?

  7. R

    ^or it was made during that one time where the Kybernes engineers themselves upgraded Arge and had all Unit 8's mechanics off limits to the hangar.

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