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“If It’s For You…”

Husband standing in the way of the yuri goggles?  That’s easy – kill him off!

I’m really not sure what to make of this latest plot twist from Mori-sensei, which has Shirin’s husband  (I mixed up last time and thought it was Anis’ husband that had collapsed) conveniently dropping dead and clearing the decks for this “sister” relationship to go to the next level.  But from the beginning, this arc has seemed to me altogether more contrived and trivial than what’s come before, so I’m probably not the most receptive audience.

Well, at the very least we now have Mori redefining the standard for how to draw babies as well as cats, so I guess that has to count for something.  Mori more than any other manga artist can tell a story with pictures and completely enrapture me in the process, and thank goodness in this instance, because I’m honestly not really caught up in the narrative itself.

On the other hand, having tackled (more brilliantly than anyone could have dreamed) a marriage between s 20 year-old woman and a 12 year-old boy, it seems Mori-sensei is turning her sights on polygamy now.  And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – it was perfectly normal in this setting – but I’m sure it will be a somewhat sensitive topic in this day and age for the Japanese audience.  I don’t know if that will be enough to make this arc actually interesting in story terms, but I’m curious now at the very least.

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  1. m

    This feels like a potential recipe for disaster.

    Fortunately I'm not terribly invested in either relationships (Shirin-Anis; Anis-husbando), so I can at least read this with mild amusement.

    I do miss the main pairing, though.

  2. g

    Well, I think Anis may be disappointed and shocked with her husband and his decision, especially she's so sure he'll do what she wants. From his reactions he: a) hasn't been so thrilled about the whole sisterhood and that Anis pays attention to some woman and b) form waxing poetics about Anis and her looks he isn't so hot about voluptuous women. So there can be a conflict, where the husband is jealous about the other woman rather than polygamy.

    I have to add I used to be enthusiastic about a whole 'proper lesbian love' because I've thought if somebody can properly write it, without being pornographic about it, with some decorum, they're Mori for sure. BUT other readers' comments put me off and make the whole thing disgusting: from descriptions about masturbating, while chanting 'yuri, yuri, yuri!', through "huzband is zo lucky", when most men wouldn't be able manage a house even with one wife, to ridiculous "OMG! a child hid in her BOOBS! I want to be that child!". So it seems it doesn't matter how sensible is an author if they have THESE kind of readers. I don't know about Japanese readers but many Western ones are immature.

  3. K

    People are diverse. That diversity is what makes it so beautiful….

  4. K

    Anis seems like a nice girl. She strikes me as like a cat in her own way.

  5. e

    Kitty kitty please come here and plop thyself on my stomach :,D.
    About the rest I'll just wait and see now… I do think the menage a trois will be a wake-up call for Anis one way or the other though.

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