1. F

    Enjoyed the discussion, as we discussed elsewhere…have you thought of the idea about inviting the two of them to guest blog on occasion in here? Not sure how practical it would be, or even if you and/or they would be willing.

    Just a thought….

  2. R

    Just checked it out….great discussion. About Ronja, I actually don't mind the CGI. Perhaps I'm like you that it's possibly the last anime that Ghibli is going to make, and I don't want to miss that. The pacing though is a little hard to bear, honestly, but as long as there are no stupid characters, I can tolerate. Also, I can't wait to watch Koe no Katachi…I probably need to stock up boxes of Kleenex though… I don't mind a little exaggeration — or melodrama — for as long as the story makes sense and the characters don't irritate me. I guess it really depends on who is writing the show, and who is directing it. Great podcast…look forward to your next one.

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