Fall 2014 Preview Poll Results

The big names win the day.

Established franchises and mainstream shows – especially those with Urobuchi Gen connections, even if he’s not involved any longer – dominated the Fall Preview poll.  Only Kiseijuu broke up a top 5 of sequels, and two of them were shows that didn’t even make the site preview post.  This is possibly the most mainstream result I’ve seen in an LiA season preview poll, though if there’s any deeper meaning to that I wouldn’t know.

In he always interesting comparison to the RC poll, we see the two two series the same but flipped (F/SN ahead of Psycho-Pass 2) Log Horizon 2 one spot higher, and a huge gap with Amagi Brilliant Park – it garnered only 2.37% here but placed 4th at RC with 24% of the voters choosing it (pat yourselves on the back on this one, LiA voters).  Mushishi Zoku Shou rounds out the LiA Top 5, while Gundam G no Reconguista does so at RC.  Other shows that saw wide gaps are Trinity Seven (much higher at RC) and Yowamushi Pedal Grande Road (much higher here).



  1. M

    I didn't enjoy Psycho Pass' first series as much as others did, as the initial appeal toward intellectual themes were quickly overshadowed by the big revelation about the Sybil system and the obligatory drama-inducing rivalry between two main characters.

    However, now that we have a better understanding of the scope of the series, I feel Psycho Pass 2 is set up to be really strong. Tsunemori was always the most interesting character, in my opinion, due to her disposition of being able to balance between optimism and pragmatism. Becoming the secret keeper makes her character all the richer for the series. (I'm probably in the minority that hope Kogami is relegated to a minor role)

    Log Horizon 2 is the other series that I'm excited for, still waiting to dig into the first episode with a friend. I adore how digestible they make strategy in that series, as well as the setting's nature of allowing new plot devices to be added as emergent mechanics!

  2. Z

    Thought Kiseijuu would take the crown. From what I'd gathered people weren't so hot on Psycho-Pass, and Urobuchi in general, in these parts.

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