Sorry, But I Have to Ask

Please forgive the timing, but Togashi Yoshihiro is like this site’s Ken Burns…

Those of you who have been around a while know that I instituted a few ways to support LiA. This was out of necessity, as I had no choice but to try and justify the truly insane amount of work I put into this place.

Well, I’m truly grateful to those of you who’ve helped out. And I sincerely appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to thank me for my coverage of Hunter X Hunter. But that seemed like a good time to remind everyone that if you’re so inclined, you can help support the site and keep it going.

As always, I have no plans to restrict any access or have “premium subscribers” – that’s just not me. But anything I can do to make the site viable is vital to my ability to keep it going. As such, let me just remind everyone of the options, all of which are at the top of the sidebar for your convenience:

  • 1. Simple – click on the ads.
  • 2. If you shop at Amazon or Amazon UK, you can access the full site via the link on top of the sidebar. If you buy anything, LiA gets a little something for its trouble.
  • 3. Shop the LiA Amazon store. Lots of good anime and Japan stuff there, hand-picked by the readers and myself.
  • 4. Subscribe via Patreon. You can make a monthly contribution as small as a dollar or as big as you like.
  • 5. Subscribe via PayPal.
  • 6. Make a one-time contribution through PayPal via the “Donate” button.

That’s it really. I hate to even bring the topic of support up, which is why I hardly ever do so. But it’s absolutely vital for me, especially now, to realize some fraction of return for the many hours I put in here ever week – so if you feel like LiA is worth a few (million) Jenny to you, it would make a huge difference for me. Even if you don’t care to financially support the site directly, simply by using the Amazon links you can help out with money you were planning to spend anyway.

Thanks for listening. And as ever, my sincere appreciation to everyone who visits the site and contributes to the discussions!



  1. s

    haha it's a good thing you wrote this reminder because i completely forgot that accessing Amazon through your site helps you out. I am an avid shopper at Amazon, though that has changed as of late due to me reducing my work hours so that i can focus on grad school but im bout to make some moves real soon that will get me back on track financially while going to school which will mean ill soon return to being an Amazon whore (…..that sounded better in my head…dont know why)

  2. Appreciated! Not that you haven't done more than enough anyway – if I had tiers, you would definitely get the A-list subscriber gifts. No mugs or tote bags for you.

  3. A

    I owe you for turning me on to brilliance I otherwise never would have encountered. Even though I almost never click ads, you should be proud that LiA has earned a place in my highly exclusive Adblock whitelist (there are more people who have been to the moon than there are websites in there).

    Likewise, my foreseeable anime purchases are limited (Space Dandy OSTs and upcoming Cowboy Bebop Blu-Ray, that's about it), but I will try to remember to make my Amazon purchases via your link.

    Is there a difference in the amount you get from the LiA Amazon store vs the LiA Amazon link?

  4. Thank you! A small one – if something is available in the store, it's slightly better if you buy it there. But if it's easier to go through the main Amazon link that's great too.

  5. E

    Oh! And I forgot to disable adblock here, sorry. a few clicks will not hurt.

  6. V

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  7. Thanks, Vilson.

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