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    Dat Glasslip rage. I'm a bigger fanboy and also more mad than you, Takaii and Zepyhr put together. And I agree it is their worst show they've ever done at this point.

  2. c

    HunterxHunter is on Netlfix now. Time to get started.

    There is what looks to me a Shounen romance series starting Fall cour. It has classical music. I am looking forward to it.

  3. They're middle-schoolers so I suspect the romance side is going to be pretty soft-pedaled, but if I'm not mistaken Shigatsu is indeed classed as a shounen romance.

    That show, incidentally, is right after Mushishi and Parasyte on my list for what's otherwise looking like a rough season.

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    Fate Stay Night Remake and Psycho Pass Season 2 not on your list?

  5. I didn't finish the first F/SN and by the end of F/Z, the appeal of the premise was starting to wear thin for me. As for P-P I liked it but didn't love it for the reasons I usually feel both for Gen series only more than usual. It certainly didn't feel like it was asking for a sequel. I'll certainly watch that one but it's not as high on my list as the three I mentioned.

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    Fair enough. I didn't like FSN and PP as much as the fanatics did, but I did think I liked it more than you so those are part of the top picks of the Fall Season for me alongside Parasyte, Mushishi and Shitgatsu.

    I'll try Agami Brilliant Park, Sora no Method and Shirobako but I'm going to keep expectations low to modest. Particularly Shirobako considering the terrible year that PAW has had this year in conjunction with that unimpressive PV.

  7. H

    No love for Gugure! Kokkuri-san?

    Apart from the obvious ones, I'm holding out hope for Garo: Honoo no Kokuin and Shingeki no Genesis. Tomino returning to Gundam after 15 years could be interesting.

  8. c

    Donten ni Warau looks like it could be good. Reminds me of Natsume Yuujinchou in that it's a mildly supernatural shoujo starring a male character. The manga is evidently quite short, so it looks like the entire story will be adapted.

  9. 7

    bish enzo no love for gundam?

    write us post when you go see Star Blazers movie in theatres this december, plz.

  10. m

    Sequels will probably be the only thing that saves the season. Hardly any excitement for the new shows except Parasyte.

  11. s

    I dont know if you heard but Isao Takahata's "a tale of princess Kaguya" killed it at toronto's 2014 international film festival….man i wish i was there to see it

  12. I did, and I'm not surprised. But it didn't do huge box office here, and I don't expect it to in North America. It'll get a very limited release compared to a Miyazaki film.

  13. R

    The one show that I most look forward to is Mushi-shi — love it to pieces, be it the first season or Mushishi Zoku-chou.

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