Hunter X Hunter: Memories x and x Milestones – Episode 7

“Beneath x the x Surface”

There’s an awful lot happening in this episode of Hunter X Hunter.  If Episode #3 was the first time the series seemed to reach a meaningful plateau, for me this one was the next step.  The feeling here is that there’s a great deal more going on here than meets the eye.

This is an episode in which we see some significant clues into the nature of three critical players – Gon, Killua and Netero.  It very starkly shows off the dichotomy between the goofy 12 year-old scamps Gon and Killua appear to be and the nascent monsters they are.  It also reveals much of their unusual natures – Killua reveals for the first time significant elements of his terrifying past, and in his reaction Gon tells us much about his strangely straightforward and practical viewpoint on the world.

Then there’s the game with Netero, which tells us a lot about all three participants.  Gon far more than before reveals that beneath his carefree and simple exterior lurks a genius, someone that can instantly analyze a situation and react with a brilliant stratagem.  Killua shows us the arrogance that will help drag him to the depths of despair, not yet beaten down by the cruelty of the world he’s entered.  And Netero makes his true entrance onto the scene – a playful, impish sort with an unerring eye for talent and for anyone and anything that can make his life more interesting.



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    Yeah this was definitely the first time you really see a glimpse of how in depth and unique the characters will be. The chairman isn't just a black and white good guy, and the same holds true for the two boys. Gon's response to who Killua is isn't your usual MC's reaction. It's the first time you see that these characters aren't your typical shounen characters.

    I wen't back and read the link to your original ep 7 post, and was very surprised to see that fans of the original HxH adaptation had any complaints about the new one. The old was great, don't get me wrong, but it fell into the trap that most long running shounen (looking at you big 3) anime fall into: focusing way to much on making money by dragging things out as long as possible. The new adaptation of H x H is perfect bc it cuts out everything that is unnecessary, leaves nothing draw out for more airtime, and just gives you the story at the pace it deserved. I would say the first adaptation of the hunter exam arc is borderline unwatchable. It has great parts that were left out of the new one, but much of it is too long and unnecessary. When I first started watching the new HxH I thought I would end up skipping through many of the hunter exam episodes to get to where the story starts to pick up, but it was done so well that I watched every single min of it (something I was unable to accomplish with the first one). I have to imagine that eventually the rest of HxH will be adapted into anime form, but I'm not sure if, when that time comes, I would prefer they start all over from scratch again with new cast members, or if I want them to just pick up where this last one left off. It has been such an outstanding show that part of me wants everyone involved to come back, but the source material is so fantastic that part of me hopes they go back to the jump and adapt it all over again.

  2. They've mostly gone quiet now in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but for at least a year the drumbeat of criticism from fans of the Nippon series was one of the biggest stories surrounding H x H. Hard to believe now.

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