Hunter x Hunter: Memories x and x Milestones – Episode 48

“Dictation x from x God”

There’s one main reason Episode #48 stands out so much in my memory, and that’s how much fun it is. There are certain episodes over the course of Hunter X Hunter’s run that are simply a blast, and they often come in the midst of dark times (“Gon’s Date With Palm” springs to mind).  “York Shin” is a depressing journey through Kuapika’s slow descent into darkness, shot through with man’s terrible inhumanity to man, but Gon and Killua arrive on the scene here and it’s as if someone has flipped on the light switch.

The other thing that stands out here is Togashi’s seemingly boundless enthusiasm for detail, and the degree to witch he seems to have crafted the entire Hunter universe in his mind long before he started writing it (“Greed Island” as well often calls this feeling to mind).  In this episode we’re given a tour through the fascinated world of auctions, antiques, scams and grifts in York Shin, with the personable and likeable Zepile (who in his own way quite eloquently represents the perspective of artists) as a tour guide.  It’s another sort of education for Gon and Killua, very different from the one they received in Heaven’s Arena – but an important one just the same.

This isn’t the flashiest of Hunter X Hunter episodes, but I think it’s one of the most important because it shows off a vital side of the series perhaps better than any other.  With all these new wonders washing over him Gon tells Zepile, “You live in an incredible world!”, and it speaks to the wonders of Togashi’s ability to conceive these wonders in great detail.  There’s also a truly spectacular scene where Gon and Killua take Zepile out to lunch as thanks for his help (Killua’s best and only offer) and the appraiser turns his eyes to the two strange boys before him.  In doing so he sums up Gon perhaps better than anyone else has: “His reaction was  very simple – innocent curiosity. He opens his mind to everything that impresses him, right or wrong.  Which means that he’s dangerous… Someone that can never be appraised.”



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    Huh- somewhat surprised 47 didn't get a post. Regardless, this was a great episode and probably a fairly underrated one. I'm having fun trying to guess which episodes make it into your posts because they aren't always the ones I expect, but each one has been a great read so far.

  2. It could have, easily – it's definitely in my top 10-15 eps. But like I said, this is a pretty arbitrary list by necessity. And some of the omissions were brutal. I intentionally set out to do something a little different from a favorite episodes list.

  3. Incidentally, thanks for that comment. The relative lack of responses was making me wonder if everyone was finding these posts a bore…

  4. F

    No worries Enzo, reading these posts is enjoyable, it is like watching the series once again

  5. R

    Definitely not a bore, but certainly arriving in rapid fashion. The thing with these favorite episode type posts is, while I like reading about what other people like about certain episodes, it's kinda hard to comment on without repeating whatever it was I already said when you posted your original write up back when you watched the episode.

    There's also the fact that different people have different favorites or personal milestones and such. Doesn't make it boring though.

  6. R

    I agree. I really enjoy these posts, but because of their brevity they don't easily lend themselves to comments.

    I can say whole-heartedly that I didn't expect you to skip 47 and post about 48 since those episodes are retrospective opposites (with 47 being a favorite of many a Hunter fan). After actually reading the post though, I fully understand why you wrote about it and am glad you did.

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