1. b

    Okay, as far as the Royal Guard, originally i would have ranked them just like this poll, but after Youpi's transformation I thought he went from just a soldier/monster to an amazing character and i think he was probably the closest to enlightenment outside of Meruem. Does no one else see it that way?

  2. s

    You definitely aren't the only one with that opinion, seeing how Youpi was my second vote (next to Meleoron, though).

  3. A

    I voted for Meruem and Youpi. Kind of surprised to see that Shaiapouf beat him to be honest.

  4. m

    Youpi would have been my third, but unfortunately I couldn't have a third vote

  5. M

    "Enlightenment" is an overestimation of Youpi, I feel.

    What he had was a boundless sense of purpose. This simplifies his perception of the world greatly by allowing him to categorize all things into three groups: Irrelevant, Helps the King, Hinders the King.

    In comparison, I'm unsurprised to see Welfin as high as he is now.

  6. J

    Rammot deserves some votes. Negative numbers.

  7. h

    hey,mr Enzo we all are waiting for the manga post

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