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I confess I’m still not especially caught up in the story for this arc, which I’m enjoying mostly for the fanservice and the cat.  It’s certainly the weakest in the series dramatically, even if it is allowing Mori-sensei to express her artistic talents in truly breathtaking fashion, and I’d be just as happy if we were to move on fairly soon.  It’ll be at least two months, though, as there’s no new Otoyomegatari chapter next month.

One thing seems pretty clear – Anis is a lot more attracted to her new friend Shirin that she is to her husband, and Mori is pushing the yuri angle pretty much openly at this point.  Anis’ tepid response to her husband’s declaration that he loves her despite her modest proportions pretty much says it all – the impression is that she was asking to get an idea whether Shirin might be dissatisfied with her lack of curvature rather than out of any interest in what her husband might have thought.

Given that it’s pretty clear where things are headed and we haven’t really been given much reason to feel connected to any of the characters, this is one of those situations where the destination is more the point than the journey.  Let’s see this arc get where Mori intends to take it, and move on to something a little more compelling.

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  1. J

    It just occurred to me that the peke-faced Persian cat has only been around for a bit over 50 years. Well, artistic license.

  2. e

    Screentones and crosshatch are back along with lovely decoration patterns *_* . It's a bit like Anis' world is acquiring definition since she has met Shirin, everything looked much more 'clean' when we first started this arc.
    I'm not sure if this is turning into yuri – not the greatest expert on the genre I admit – but if so it adds another layer to Anis' unease and to her wish to escape the fairy tale.
    I'm feeling quite sorry for her husband too. He looks in love, gentle and considerate. But also treats her a bit like an ideal figure rather than a person. He gives her heartfelt answers in poetic language (oh my =^_^= and the related panels looked fantastic ) but would he ever tell his wife about the earthy messy joys of eating watermelon with juice dribbling down his skin? Can he even conceive the idea of eating watermelon that way?

  3. M

    I miss the drama of some of the previous storylines, but I love Mori's art as always. I wonder if the relationship of those 2 will be taken to it's maximum consequences, or if it will remain a chaste, platonic affair.

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