1. K

    I'm a fan of Germany but I pick Argentina because now they are the underdog.

  2. P

    I pick Germany too but see it as a 2-1 game. Also your "1-gaol" has a typo.

  3. R

    It sure will be worth getting up early for…., and I am siding with Germany for a 2-1 game.

  4. t

    I hope it is. don't forget how dull was the second semi-final, unlike the first one between Brazil and Germany.
    well, I doubt we'll get such one sided score again (though who knows..it's Germany), but I am rooting for Germany. they played well most of the tournament and are worthy being champions (especially more than Argentina IMO). I believe they will set the score with a 2-0 win (or even 3-0). I don't see Argentina score against the Germans who has really good defense and Neuer.

  5. M

    Deutschlaaaaaaand…may the best team win.

  6. M

    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles…

  7. s

    Wow – you sure are good at predicting, Enzo. Absolutely awesome final with an amazing goal from Götze. Sure did take away 20 years of my lifespan, though. xD

  8. P

    Enzo is a sage

  9. K

    You were right. Germany won! 1-0

  10. G

    You called it, but I'd say the game wasn't worth getting up that early for but it was sure worth the last 15 minutes. The rest was an exercise in frustration.

  11. t

    actually 1st half was quite intriguing despite having no goals. but 2nd half was really slow and boring..up till the goal of course.

  12. v

    The prophecy is fulfilled!

    Higuain will be having many sleepless nights ahead of him.

  13. I don't know how Aguero can punch a guy in the face and not get a straight red, never mind a second yellow. That goal was karma. But what a gorgeous finish by Goetze, off yet another great cross from Schurrle. Thank goodness it ended that way, on a beautiful goal.

    First half was indeed better, second half was a bit flat. But it's a WC final – teams tighten up. I have no argument with the results – over the course of the tournament Germany was the best team. And they should only get better from here.

  14. t

    yeah, it's the final so everyone was nervous and all to win and not make a single mistake. though I am a bit unhappy about that because it all comes to tactics and tighten the defense too much so we don't see actual soccer here as should be. especially for not having any goals till ET (not to mention lack of situations in 2nd half).

    having penalties in WC final is way too cruel. especially for Germany that was the better team this game and the entire tournament. so I am happy it didn't end that way.
    actually, this game was also Argentina's best this tournament, but not enough. they lack something. maybe Di Maria but not only.

  15. m

    Germany was not the better team here until that final goal. Argentina's players made some bad shots, but their defense played great throughout the game and it was pretty even. I think Argentina played a bit better, aside from the goal, throughout the match but not to any significant degree. Argentina played tougher opponents in the elimination rounds and held them all scoreless (until Germany obviously) so I wouldn't claim Germany was a better team than Argentina until OT.

    Penalty kicks are annoying, as they have nothing to do with who is better in the game, but there's no better option available. These guys run 10-15 miles at least in a full game + OT and sudden death doesn't suit soccer at all. If the game was continuous OT eventually no one would score or be able to do anything. Maybe if they went college football style and had each team take turns taking corners or free kicks that would be closer to an actual team skill competition, but that still wouldn't be a reasonable way to tell who is better.

  16. m

    I am very glad that it didn't go to penalty shootout even though I wanted Argentina to win. I don't think 0-0 game for most of the time means there was no actual soccer. That's a normal strategy in elim matches like this to focus on not allowing goals to be scored. There could have easily been at least 6 goals in this game if players didn't miss opportunities. There were a ton of exciting moments, but it maybe feels a bit flat at the end bc no one put a legit shot on net until Gotze. Messi had 2 legit chances, Higuain had a couple as well, the weirdest rat tail ever guy from Arg had 1 he needs to make, shurrle and Kroos also missed some chances. I know when the ball doesn't go in or need a big save it ends up taking a bit of the excitement out of it, but both teams played good D without being too cautious or making the game boring.

  17. t

    most chances were in 1st half. after that the game went to an exhaustion battle especially near the official 90 min time.
    so yeah I wished there was more soccer (or more accurately – soccer in a higher level) with chances instead of lots of passing around in the middle. most of the 1st half (and later on) Argentina played almost Bunker. now…looking on elim matches in champions league..it's way different (although there are 2 games in KO levels).

    I think Germany was the better team. not only because the hold the ball or something. they played their regular soccer and are just..performed better. yes, Argentina did kinda surprised me with their chances and attacks in 1st half (that one of Higuain and at least another two which I remember) but Germany had chances too (Kross, Schurrle) and continue trying and performing well with changes in the midfielders movement (Ozil and especially Lahm who is one of the best players IMO).
    sure, Germany wasn't at their best today. but I liked their performance throughout the tournament and this game too, though wasn't bright. especially in 2nd half. but in games like that..you are winning but taking the opportunities. and Argentina didn't have the winning factor this time.

  18. m

    Yeah Germany winning clearly makes them the better team today, and I think both teams played their best as far as defense, passing, and trapping were concerned but came up lacking in terms of finishing. I think Germany was at their best but Argentina's def is that good that they couldn't abuse them the way the abused much of the weaker competition they've faced. Not that it was all weak, but Algeria, France (who did play pretty well), a broken Brazil, USA, and Ghana aren't quite to the level of Switz, Netherlands, and Belgium. Even the Netherlands beat Brazil 3-0. Germany just had someone come up big when he had to, and didn't have the goalie mistake that Arg did. I really do think Germany's team is one of the best, if not the best, international side of all time. One of the world's best GK, the worlds best defensemen (who is a top 5-7 player in the world), the WC highest goal scorer ever, the like next player to become the WC all time goal scorer, and a slew of other top level players. I think this one came down more to Argentina's mistakes and Germany's not making as many of them. Both teams missed shots, but Argentina missed more and one's that were worse to miss by players who shouldn't ever miss them, and the goal scored should never have been scored. Perfectly taken shot considering the angle and the incoming pass, but the GK dove right which would've only blocked a ball that would've gone into the outside of the net.

    I agree that it was more of a cautious strategy on both sides, attack but don't leave yourself too vulnerable, but that's not unusual for any big time game in club soccer and is the standard for WC elim round play (except for Columbia which we say how that turned out against Brazil) for when the game is still tied.

  19. Muller will almost certainly break Klose's record and may well obliterate it. This is a young team, and could get even better, but I don't see it currently as among the best international sides ever.

  20. m

    Nice call on this one. I was hoping for Argentina to pull off the upset, and I figured the score would be 0-0 shootout or 1-0 for whoever wins. That was a great game, and I think this Germany squad is one of the best, if not the best, international squads of all time. They have one of the game's all time great defensemen in Lahm, the WC all time goal scorer, the guy who will likely be the next all time WC goal leader, and a slew of marquee players. They aren't anywhere near my favorite team (because they win so often) but they definitely deserve it after coming so close in the 3 previous WCs, and Klose def deserved to finally bring one home (the first WC win by a Euro team in a SA country as well) after a stellar international career.

    I don't have sympathy for Messi (even though he's the epitome of how a pro should act. The Derek Jeter of soccer so to speak) because he had his opportunities and he failed to get it done. It wasn't as if his team never got him a chance to win the game, he had his chances and failed (as did others on Argentina and Germany) and that's his own responsibility and the only thing keeping him from being considered the best player of all time.

    I hate to say it bc I don't want to take anything away from Gotze as that was an unimaginably perfect shot on very tough angle and receive, but that should've been saved. the angle he was at allowed the smallest window possible to shoot into and Romero moved his arms/body to his right which if a shot had gone to him there it would've hit the side of the net anyway. It was a poor effort, but an incredibly well placed shot by Gotze who deserves all the credit he will get for making that.

  21. t

    as for Gotze goal. well, I agree there is a lot of luck to this goal due to tough angle of Gotze shot, the perfect cross (which was extremely tough because of 2 defenders running on him) and GK Romero who missed it as you said. not to mention lack of defense on Gotze.
    so yeah, it was with a bit of luck. but it was also so beautiful the way Gotze just stopped the ball and then take the shot without even let the ball hit the ground (something that many players are doing. it actually causes lots of misses).
    so not only luck and poor effort, but that's how it is in soccer, especially in 120 minuts game. one must take advantage of such opportunity and Gotze definitely had it this time because he is a good player (and with a bit of luck. but in games like that..chances are rare and you must take them or you will regret it. like Higuain maybe?). I think a good scorer should make this chance a goal and Gotze is indeed like that. he proved it.

    Messi wasn't in his best today. although he had a chance in first half (or maybe I am confusing him with someone else). I don't know if it's his own responsibility. I mean..it's a team play. Aregentina wasn't totally any different from their previous games this tournament in terms of playing soccer. they weren't that good (and this game they actually performed better). one player doesn't make the whole team. it applies to him when he plays in Barcelona as well (but there he has Xavi, Iniesta and others). sure we can say he should perform better (considering his abilities we do know from Barcelona), especially in games like that. but something is missing to Argentina. Messi can't take the entire team on his back all the time (with the lucks he had previous games).
    I am still surprised Fifa chose him for the MVP of the tournament (the vote was taken before the game BTW). sure, he saved his team in a few matches with one brilliant touch (but that's it basically). yet, there were other players that performed their very best this tournament like Kroos, Rodriguez, Lahm and others.

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