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    To answer the above questions with another… baby steps? Café bishonen butler could be as good a start as any. Have you actually tried asking around? :p
    The shorter free format sans bgm works better for me as a listener I must say. I can't say I was totally engaged for the whole thing – some series and topics interested me more than others – but as a host you kept the pace steady and with a good flow so good job on that.
    For the record I must be in contact with only the only anglophone moonie fandom niche whose reaction to the Crystal previews so far have been overwhelmingly positive – to the point *I* am the cautiously pessimistic one in that bunch X,DDD – .
    P.S.: about that non-PC fandom term just go with 'BL fans' or 'yaoi fans'. Talking by my forum experience that's the neutral term both among BL readers and scanlators.

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    The road to acceptance of CraigyFerg's departure is an arduous one, sir. Don't toy with my heart by implying I can get my robot skeleton/pantomime horse fix elsewhere.

  3. How are you so sure I won't do it? ;P

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    I remember from one of the previous podcasts someone mentioned Cross Channel. Was that you Enzo? It sounded like you but I was not sure.

  5. Yes, it was. I hear it's pretty excellent.

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    Oh so you never actually played it. I tried to play it several months ago but couldn't even install it. I use macbook air so I tried to install it via parallels desktop with windows8, but the software just seems too old to run on the virtual drive of the latest windows OS.

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