Tokyo Diaries – Sanja Matsuri 2014

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It’s deja vu all over again…

I covered Sanja Matsuri pretty extensively last year, so I won’t dig too deep this time around (I actually have photos on the Picasa page from a vacation a few years ago as well).  Just a few pics and a couple of videos from one of the “three great Edo festivals”, celebrated for the 702nd time this year.  Ironically, the day was spend exactly the same way this time afterwards – after Asakusa, I met my friend Mark for the Todai (Tokyo Daigaku) May Festival.  Always good to have a reminder of why I hate the Oedo Line so much.

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  1. R

    Yes — it's totally deja vu, and I remember you mentioned your friend Mark last year. Celebrating for the 702 times…! The Japanese are truly good at preserving the traditions. I'm always impressed by the large crowd coming out for a matsuri — it seems like it's a part of life there. I also notice how much taller you are amongst the crowd — it helps to have the best view, eh.

  2. Being larger than average does pay at Matsuri. There was the one where the crowds fighting to heft the Mikoshi pushed a few of us up against a store's plate glass window, and it was nice to be able to hold my ground (film on the site somewhere).

  3. R

    So, you were like a strong pillar to the people around you… ;-P

  4. Screw that. It was every man, woman, child and elderly for themselves.

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