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    This new arc is going to be sooo good. I can't wait til it starts back up! The arc was started up already after chimera ant and the subsequent usual arc used to bridge the main arcs, and it seems like it could be a lot different than anything that came before in HxH

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    Togashi has a history of abrupt endings. I can only hope he's still not bored of HxH.

  3. What makes you so sure he was ever bored of it in the first place?

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    I don't think he was ever bored. I understand the jokes, seeing as it's been annoyingly long, but I think much of that time was spent on HxH. I think he needed a break from being a mangaka (all my knowledge comes from Bakuman but it seems like they work insane amounts of hours) and then after that long break he spent time planning the whole arc out. I refuse to accept that he writes something like HxH (and specifically the chimera ant arc) as he goes. If he's that good then no other mangaka can call themselves the same job title as him. That and he needs to do more than just manga with that talent. He has to spend time in advance getting all the details sorted so that his arcs flow the way they do. So you gotta believe that's what at least part of the breaks are. Character designs, powers, abilities, storyline, etc…

  5. There was an interesting interview with a well-known mangaka recently, but I can't for the life of me remember who, where he describes the life of a weekly serialized mangaka. He said it's utterly insane, would never be attempted in any other culture but Japan, but it's become expected here so you either cope or quit.

    If a guy like Togashi has enough money for a lifetime, and clearly plots every story to extreme and exacting detail, doesn't wish to kill himself who the hell are we to bitch about it? But no – we call him lazy, and claim he spends all day playing MMORPGs, and that he's bored with his story. Spend time with his wife and kids? Selfish bastard!

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    I just made an assumption about being bored because that would seem to me a likely reason if he ever quit writing, just saying. I do see your point on this, and I'm firmly on the positive ground about Togashi doing stuff at his pace. Hell, he doesn't even need our approval in the first place; he can just do whatever he wants.

  7. He certainly can, you're not wrong there. My point is just that so many people seem to be quick to make the most damning assumptions they can think of (much worse than boredom, most of them), even if they're not the most likely to be true.

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    I said I got it from Bakuman, but I don't think that the manga was an exaggeration of the lifestyle.I know there's been a few instances of Mangaka getting very sick from their lifestyle. I agree that it's frustrating when there's a long absence, but I do think you have to understand why that is, and know that it isn't entirely unrelated to working on the upcoming arcs.

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    Well, you can't say he is not lazy. The truth is only God knows what he's doing when he's on hiatus. Lets just be grateful he's coming back for a moment and hoping he won't end HxH the way he end YYH. And hoping he will finish HxH before his death…. Seriously I'm really worried, with this kind of pace and his illness

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    I hate those type of arguments. "Only god knows for sure. You can't assume" is incorrect. You can reach logical conclusions based on the available information. What do you think is more likely: that Togashi became a famous mangaka while being a lazy good for nothing bored of his own work, or that someone who has attained success, in a very hard to get into business that works you to the bone for weekly releases, would need a break? Not just a week or month of sleep, but a chance to spend time with his kids, his friends, his wife, his family, and do all the things that get thrown aside when he's drawing manga. And isn't it far more likely that he has to plan out his arcs in order for them to be as cohesive and brilliant as they are, or do you think it's more logical to think that he makes it all up as goes along but still manages to have the smallest of details match up? The fact that he's a famous mangaka at all (famous for more than one long running series) is proof that he is not lazy. He would never have become famous if he was. Yeah he can take extended breaks now bc of that fame, but isn't that just the reward of all his previous years of hard work? That's the advantage of being a well known mangaka over being a new one. Why shouldn't he take advantage of the position he obtained from years of hard work?

    Though I agree that it's frustrating, but that's due to the industry. American comics don't come out weekly, but monthly. And those are worked on by a teams. Spider-man comes out 3 times a month, and they have 3 different teams writing storylines. Each storyline is about4-6 issues long, and they have 2 other teams planning the next storylines while the current one is running, so that each team actually writes only 1/3 of the issues. Other comics are monthly, so the 1-4 people who write/draw it have a lot more time.

    Most monthly manga are the same length as the weekly issues, but no one accuses them of being lazy. Weekly releases is 4x the amount of work, and he does it without a partner so it's understandable that he'd want to have a break. What's the point of all that money if you never enjoy it?

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    the chapter was leaked already…LOL 😛
    but the official chapter will be on Monday in the magazine.

    BTW Enzo, do you really intend to cover the chapters? because from your HxH's anime posts, it sounded like you haven't read everything until the current chapter. or are you going to cover everything once anime will come to an end after XXX arc?

  12. I don't intend to cover the manga (or read it, though it takes a lot of willpower) until the anime catches up and/or ends.

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    That's a bold statement. I could never muster enough willpower to not read the manga. Though I think that's a smart plan. Reading an arc weekly doesn't have the same impact as watching it weekly, or reading it all in a short time span. Each ep usually covers more than one issue, so you get more of the story in a shorter span, making it much easier to follow all the details. Or at least keep all the details in your head so you don't miss anything. I have that problem with long running weekly manga. You forget certain details over the course of a 50 week arc. But I love HxH too much to wait longer now that I know the manga is out.

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    I'd know Enzo to honor the anime up till it reaches the new material..
    Personally find consuming scanlations somewhat joyless.

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    I think it's the best decision for you. so far you have been consistent with the anime adaptation without spoilers (as possible). and..reading everything so quickly now only for the sake of "catch up"…will ruin some of the experience from the anime's last moments. skipping either rest of Chimera or E*** arc is also wrong since they are important for the following arc (either E*** or D***C***).
    yes, it's a tough decision, but you succeeded so far, only a little left and you can catch up with the manga chapters quickly

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