1. P

    Is this the part where we make jokes about hiatus?

  2. t

    LOL why not? 😛
    you know…recently a new dragon quest game has been announced.
    for those who don't know – Togashi once said he is a fan of dragon quest. and eversince he said that, every time a new dragon quest was released, he took a break. coincidence or not…?? well, for now the new dragon quest was announced without a releasing date.
    but that's another one of those jokes of hiatus excuses saying Togashi is lazy. true or false..I don't know.

    but who cares. Togashi announced he is back. I believe it's not for only a few weeks.

  3. R

    Nah, you have to wait for at least the first chapter to come out.

    And then you run for the hills when the fans come for your head. Just saying 😀

  4. if one thinks one is hilarious but is actually not funny at all, this would be the time they'd want to do that yes.

  5. M

    I thought you taking a hiatus from substantive blogging to provide this inutile post was the joke.

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