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This show really is a close call for me.

Fittingly, this week’s episode of Hitsugi no Chaika was a mixed bag for me.  On the one hand, I would say that on the whole it was my favorite so far – certainly it was an improvement over last week’s.  But I’m still aware of the gap that exists between how much I think I should be enjoying it, and how much I actually am.  And by its very nature that’s an irritating scenario, because I really can’t point to why that gap exists.  It closed a little this week – enough to buy me in for another round – but I’m not pot-committed.

One thing that had been nagging me for a while did resolve itself for me, at least.  I’ve been trying to figure out what show this reminded me of, and it clicked into place at last – Dantalian no Shoka.  It’s not a dead-ringer by any means, but there’s a certain something in the tone and rhythm of the dialogue, as well as the art style, that calls Dantalian to mind.  That wasn’t a great show but I did like it a lot (it may be remembered as the last Gainax series that showed any real spark) and if Hitsugi no Chaika ends up being in the same class, I’d consider that a pleasant surprise.

So what did we have this week?  Well, it was still pretty low-key and pretty dignified stuff, solidly grounded in RPG-type hard fantasy trappings.  I rather enjoyed the way the Dominica Skoda (Saitou Chiwa) situation played out, with  Tooru and Chaika feeling a measure of remorse over plotting to steal from the woman who’d rescued him and provided them hospitality (albeit creepy hospitality) in her odd home.  Tooru again stands out as a pretty interesting main character (and later in the episode again as a very competent one) in his unsentimental determination to steal the remains from Dominica by force if she refuses to give them up, even as Chaika herself wavers. 

There was another interesting tidbit, and that was Akari’s explanation of who everyone was – really, the first significantly interesting character moment she has.  She spins a “made up” story about how she and Tooru ran away because of their forbidden sibling love, but before we can groan too loudly Tooru confides to Chaika that the two of them are unrelated by blood.  I also rather enjoyed Akari’s reaction when Tooru referred to Chaika as “someone precious to me”.  I don’t know of the potential for romance really exists here and if it’ll be interesting if it does, but I don’t dread the thought at least and that has to count for something…

As for the development of Dominica turning out not to be Dominica at all, but rather the Dragoon, it wasn’t much of a surprise.  Once Tooru has sussed out the reality of the situation (I rather liked the idea that Dominica might be the world’s biggest narcissist, but oh, well) he makes pretty short work of her.  I’m not sure how I feel about her turning into moeblob “Frederica” and deciding to tag along with the trio – that whole development has an ominous note for me, and Frederica is setting off every warning bell on the console.  I hope she stays in her cat form as much as possible.

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  1. s

    yooooo that dumbfounded, "you cant be serious" look Akari had when Tooru said that had laughing out loud. Just the way she looked with the fork near her mouth and that stunned look of "what the fuck?"; easily the highlight of this ep for me

  2. l

    I think that the moeblob "Frederica" turning herself into her cat form and staying in that cat form at the end kept you on the fence. Otherwise, you would have dropped it.

  3. You think wrong.

  4. M


    From a cool,noble & fearsome knight to a moeblob with a complete change in personality…WHY?!?! Hopefully Frederica will just be there for comic relief or better yet,won't stick around our 3 leads too much. I'm liking their 3 man party,especially when it comes to battle tactics,so I'd rather it stays that way.

    However,the fact that she isn't listed as a main character and isn't featured in the OP makes me hopeful that she won't be getting much attention.

  5. w

    I'm growing to like the cast more and more with each episode, especially Tooru. I like that he's clearly extremely competent but the series doesn't beat us over the head with it; we can clearly see it, no other characters really comment too much on it, and he doesn't show it off at all. Very much a professional, like you'd imagine a real soldier would be.

  6. C

    I can't be the only one who sees Chaika and thinks, "Oh look, Eucliwood Hellscythe's back story!"

  7. R

    wow! this was just fun. kinda reminds me of what made Slayers such a classic fantasy RPG anime. The humor actually had me me grinning and the three leads are just pure amusment. I'll be patient with Frederica for now.

    Though I would agree with you Enzo that there is still something missing here. I am still enjoying on a per episode basis, which isn't enough for me cause i want to embrace the story as a whole but can't.

  8. R

    Oh but she is featured in the op, just only on dragon form.

  9. R

    Looks like she is listed as a main character. And they will probably change that Dragon in OP into her human form for the next ep.

    As long as she actually gels well with the main trio and not just there to be your standard moeblob whose sole purpose is to act "cute" (blergh!!), I am fine with it.

  10. M

    Still,she doesn't seem to be as important as Toru,Akari & Chaika. Would've be great if she'd fit in well with the group but you can never put too much trust in moeblobs not to mess things up. Oh well,we'll see how things go next week.

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