Spring 2014 Preview Poll Results

Mushishi wins it wire-to-wire.

Mushishi Zoku Shou never trailed in this season’s poll, and won by a quite comfortable margin.  I think it was a fait accompli as soon as the series was announced, though it’s always interesting to see how LiA’s readership differs from Random Curiosity’s (their poll is still ongoing, but Mushishi is running about 8th).  The runner-up and third-place finisher in the LiA poll, Isshuukan Friends and JoJo, also place lower in the RC poll.   The top vote-getters over there are Mahouka, Fairy Tail, Black Bullet (interesting the show that polls about equally at both sites) and Date A Live 2.



  1. y

    Surprised to see DaL 2 so low.

  2. N

    Just wanna let you know that you're probably one of the better writers over there and others are responsible for RC's horrendous taste.

  3. t

    in general, so far premiers were decent. some did great, others good or OK and others…well you know. but it's looking good for spring season for now.

    Mushishi and Isshuukan friends made to the top, it's not really surprising. more importantly, I am glad they met expectations (at least mine..). this isn't trivial with such high expectations.

    JoJo #3 in LiA??that's the big surprise here. I know JoJo has a very solid fanbase and in face I am watching JoJo which has pros and cons. but to be the 3rd most anticipated series coming?that's quite a surprise to me…

    ping pong and Mekaku city actors made to top 10. I am also looking for them, we'll see how this is going. HQ also in top 10 of most anticipated, and in fact it proved itself (I admit I voted for it :P)

    Hitsugi no Chaika is lower than I expected. is it because it's a LN which maybe not so well-known (at least unlike Mahouka, that's a given)? I am still really looking for it. it's made by BONES and from the creator of outbreak company. definitely waiting for it.

    still a lot of premiers ahead of us such as: 2 noitaminA series (ping pong and A-1's Ryogajou Nanana no Maizoukin which I am also really looking for, yup voted 😛 ), sidonia no kishi (don't afraid CGI, we survived kingdom s1+s2..what could be worse in terms of CGI? I am afraid to know the answer LOL), no game no life (by madhouse! and it's sounds interesting enough), black bullet (which made it to #4 in this poll..is it really good?wonder about that, but I'll give it a shot) and mekaku city actors (very unique..and it's by shaft. from my understanding it's gonna be a hit in japan).

    thanks for blogging so far. lots of series in such small interval of time. you're M! 😛

  4. A

    *Doing the Jojo dance*

    *Which I just made up*

  5. m

    Hahaha Date A Live 2? That's a real thing that's happening, let alone getting a top vote? I don't even have the words to explain something of that nature.

  6. R

    It's alright. I recommend just turning tuning out and looking outside at the birds while your eyes flit over to the next entry.

    That being said, Date a Live was fun, in a oh my god I can't believe this was made sort of way. I think I can probably enjoy almost all shows if I turn my brain off :''D

  7. m

    Haha yeah I hear you, stuff like that is always good for a laugh. It makes you wonder how that many people I the industry can approve of making that stuff.

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