1. t

    the moment I saw the tile I knew it. still, a good one, Enzo.
    happy April fools day. there are lots of April fools stuff in anime world – Madoka new 4th movie, ping pong crossover with DBZ and other things.

  2. M

    April Fools', subscribers!

    Naw, I'm sure they got their money's worth.

  3. n

    Okay, yeah I knew. But you know, you could have made it more elaborate, like 20 paragraphs of intense review and at the last sentence "APRIL FOOLS, HAHAHAHAHA!!"

    But okay, time is money and this is not worth spending it. I get it. 🙂

  4. I'm not that much of a masochist, ya know.

  5. M

    He got me…

  6. B

    I feel like a fool…

  7. R

    You got me…!

  8. F

    Wow, I guessed right this time. XD

  9. Z

    Glorious Nipponese animated entertainment at its finest! Matsuzawa Mari is truly peerless.

  10. S

    This was a good joke. Though I expected a full joke review after the jump XD.

    Now on to check whether Crunchyroll's announcement about Jojo was actually real or not…

  11. M

    I actually thought you watched it. That shocked me beyond all reason.

  12. K

    My soul almost transcended my body.

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