First Impressions Digest – Abarenbou Kishi!! Matstarou, Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

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This is not the post for winning protagonists.

Abarenbou Kishi!! Matstarou – 01

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I’ll give this to Abarenbou Kishi!! Matstarou – the title character may be the single most unlikeable character I’ve seen in a non-Oreimo anime for at least a year.  I mean, he literally takes candy from a baby.

I had some hopes for this series, given that it’s Toei Animation and based on a much-revered manga by Chiba Tetsuya – albeit one that ended in 1998.  And it does have a beyond old-school quality to it in every way, which I find appealing.  But the main character, Matsutarou (Matsudaira Ken) in such a singularly nasty piece of work that he made it hard to muster up much for the premiere except disgust at his behavior.  A seemingly middle-aged guy still going to middle school, he steals, he’s crude and rude, he kidnaps his teacher, he drives a truck through a bathhouse (after almost running over his baby brother with it).  This is not a nice person.

I’ll give this another week or two, as Chiba (Ashita no Joe) is the real deal, and I can only assume Matsutarou has a character arc that this is only the beginning of.  But I don’t know how much more of what we got this week that I could take.

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler – 01

Daimidaler - 01 -1 Daimidaler - 01 -3 Daimidaler - 01 -4
Daimidaler - 01 -5 Daimidaler - 01 -6 Daimidaler - 01 -8

My take on this series in the preview was “Anything that sounds this bad has a chance to be good.”  Well…

Let me give credit where it’s due – it’s clear no one is taking this at all seriously.  And thank goodness for that, but in and of itself that’s really not enough – it has to actually be funny, too.  And for me Daimidaler was only a little funny, a little of the time.  Ero particles, masturbating mecha, penguins with penis-tails…  It’s out there, for sure, but the act wears pretty thin for me at least.  Moving on…



  1. M

    Can't really argue with the criticisms most have with that episode of Matsutaro. But DAT episode. Personally, I found the very idea that he successfully pulled off those outrageous stunts (unchallenged too) slightly fascinating and amusing. The whole episode was so incredibly audacious and carefree for 2014 – It was memorable, if a bit clumsy. Whether this hilarious "groundwork" pays off down the line has me intrigued.

  2. t

    I didn't see Daimidaler, and I doubt if I will. sounds like some sort of DXD. in other words – full of ecchi for nothing in 95% of the time. so why bother? your review kinda confirms my hypothesis for this, so thanks 😛

    as for the Sumo anime. or Abarenbou Kishi!! Matstarou (too long..I don't think I can pronounce it…what's that even mean?not to mention that the manga name is "Notari Matsutarou").
    well, what can I see about it?it was…bold, but way too blatant.
    I had some expectations for this series since it's a very old sports series that has already ended, which is a good thing 'cause it means we'll have lots of eps and we'll see through its finale (otherwise it wasn't in the prime-time right??). but so far, it didn't create any impression of sports series. it's like the.."space dandy" guy of the 70-80s in Japan (just without space. and..less funny).
    however, I believe it's part of the deal to demonstrate the main character as eccentric as possible and create an effect. therefore, I won't jump to early judgment/impression based on this episode alone. for me, it was like some sort of "ep #0" and I will give this series a chance to prove because I am sure it meant to be a long-term sports series that is supposed to be good by Toei. I hope it will start showing itself in much more serious in the next few weeks.

  3. m

    Well Daimidaler makes the rare list of things I've never finished after starting. I didn't laugh once, and it isn't a problem of me not liking dirty jokes. I just don't like stupid jokes done poorly. Anyone who had anything to do with this nonsense should be embarrassed.

  4. R

    I laugh with daimidaler… in the end. I can't believe what I was watching. It's so absurd that i liked it.

  5. l

    I too watched Daimlawhatever with that "it can't be that bad, right?" attitude. You're right, it was pretty unfunny for the most part. That "are you in heat" bit did make me laugh though.

  6. K

    Watching Daimidaler made me lose a couple of IQ points. It's the embodiment of every negative stereotype the West (or any non-anime watcher) has of anime.

  7. j

    definitely. It's funny, but it's a lot funnier if I were 14 again.

    Aside from the penguins (best part of the show, that banter about their tails and their porn mag etiquette were great), everything is just way too low brow. you gotta throw out your morals for this show (I'm so over boob groping, it's not really funny, just cringe worthy).

    As for Matsutaro, yeah he's very very unlikable. It's funny that Enzo put the two shows with uncomfortable sexual assault scenes in the same post. I really want to like the show, but unless he's properly redeemed in the next few episodes, I'm not sure I can keep going.

  8. A

    Daimidler I just thought "No".
    Matsutaro I wasn't going to watch, but had nothing better to do. I do quite like the whole "old-fashioned" feel of the show – not just the setting, but the whole look and feel of the show seems from the past. Admittedly, that's pretty much the main thing the show has going for it, as the character is just a bully-boy jerk that puts people off.

  9. H

    I skimmed through Daimidler and laughed my ass off for ~1min when I saw those penguins. Then I skimmed the remaining of the episode. Total watch time ~3-4 min. So I spent about 1 quarter of the time laughing, they did well 😛

  10. C

    Matsutaro: I kept thinking, "It's as if they made Bluto the main character, and omitted Popeye altogether."

  11. K

    I just learned this and I think it needs to be pointed out. "Ashita no Joe" was written by Kajiwara Ikki and illustrated by Chiba Tetsuya. In comparison, "Matsutaro" was both written and illustrated by Chiba. So the quality of writing can be expected to be different.

  12. m

    Am I the only one who's actually more annoyed with the sensei than Masutaro (and i already think Masutaro was a bastard in this episode)? After being sexually harrassed like that, why is she so kind and… unusually calm? And the OP clearly shows them as a couple, which irked me off even more.

    I'll be watching more to see how Masutaro develops.

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