Tokyo Diaries – Yushima Tenjin Re-visited

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No ablutions occurred during the course of my visit.

I’ve been to Yushima Tenjin before and blogged it, but given the Noragami connection there were obvious reasons to go back.  Besides, I’m a student and next week is finals week, and it’s virtually a requirement that all good students visit a Tenjin Shrine before final exams.

I’d actually intended to hit Yushima during their Ume Matsuri as I did last year, but weather and scheduling made it impossible.  Happily, there were still lots of Ume in bloom on this gorgeous Saturday, though no sign whatsoever of the Yato God, Yukine or Hiyori – not even Tenjin (unless this was him, sneaking in).  Yushima is certainly one of the loveliest Jinja in Tokyo – beautiful buildings, gorgeous landscaping, Shitamachi setting.

I also headed to Ikebukuro hoping to see the Yowamushi Pedal decorations at the Seibu Ikebukuro Station, but sadly they were apparently all inside the ticket barrier and I wasn’t about to buy a ticket.  So I had to settle for a trip to Animate in Otome Road to see what the female fanbase is up to (these stairs only go one way).

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  1. F

    Wow… you still have plum trees in bloom. So jealous. All the blossoms have fallen off here….

    Best of luck in your exams, btw. 🙂

  2. e

    Those wonderfully twisty branches :,).

    Aw I'd be sorry to be stepping all over Enma. Poor fellow gets enough of that in the series already X,D.

    Indeed good luck to the tireless student *cheers*

  3. R

    We may have played ships passing in the night again. I've also been wandering around this area.

    PS: Oh, wait, no. If it's a Saturday, I'm in eikaiwa jail. 😉

  4. Condolences on that. But your Ume trips have looked pretty amazing this year.

  5. l

    Ume? What is this ume that you're all talking about? *tongue firmly in cheek*

    Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Kyoto
    White ume flowers over the bull
    Pink ume flowers
    Ready for their close-up (can you say "bokeh"? =P)
    The main tree in front of the main shrine

    All freshly taken yesterday.

  6. Ah, Kitano Tenmangu – I was there 2 New Years' back. Wonderful place.

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