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Three in a row was probably too much to ask for.

We’re one episode from the finale now, and it seems time to accept the reality that Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha just isn’t that good – in anime form at least.  It’s pretty good, don’t get me wrong – and some episodes have been better than that.  But the reason the series is so inconsistent is just that it is what it is – a fairly thin idea stretched just a bit too far for the caliber of the execution.  I started out thinking that ten episodes was too few, but now I wonder if this show wouldn’t have been best served as an OVA series – if you condensed all the best material down to two or three episodes worth, you’d have something really solid.

I tend to lose interest pretty quickly when Inari Konkon focuses in on the self-important schoolgirl crises as it did this week.  This ep was better than the the last time that happened, but still pretty indifferent on the whole.  You need really exceptional writing to give that sort of material real weight, and that’s punching above the weight class for Inari Konkon.  Instead you get exactly what that sort of theme delivers most of the time – pedestrian anime that doesn’t linger for long once the credits have rolled.

This series can do better, and it does when it turns its eye to the mythological side, but there too I think we see the limits of the premise at work.  The basic nut of the problem driving the story has been evident from the beginning – middle-school girls and Divine powers are an atrocious combination.  The show doesn’t seem willing to follow this road to the point where it might generate real drama by plausibly introducing the possibility of real consequences, though, so here too things seem a bit inconsequential.  Uka herself is so fallible that she seems borderline incompetent as a Kami, and Inari’s loss-of-control episodes come off as adolescent hissy fits with unusually violent repercussions.

There are repercussions, at least, and we’ve known that all along.  Every time Inari loses herself Uka gets a little weaker, and her latest episode – generated by an angry classmates physical confrontation with Maru – seems to have given her a dose of Yato-style blight and caused her to physically start to fade.  That should carry a greater impact than it does, at least for me, but every time the show loses itself in the trivial it diminishes that which could be substantive.  We’ve known where this was headed for a long time – by now I’m just ready to get there and deal with the problem.

The big question for the finale at this point, I suppose, is how Uka is going to manage to take her powers back without Inari losing the ability to see her (and turning back into Sumizome, for that matter).  I’ll be very surprised if someone (maybe Susanoo, who knows) doesn’t figure out some way to do that, and this doesn’t seem like the sort of show that’s about delivering surprises.  What I’d really like to see but don’t expect to is some sort of forward movement in the relationship between Uka and Touka, even an acknowledgement that it has absolutely no chance to succeed, but that would be an even bigger surprise so I’m not getting my hopes up.

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  1. t

    such pain…such shame.
    I may sound like a broken record here..sorry, this cant be helped.
    there were like..dozens of modifications lately, especially this episode, that drive me crazy. a lot of things didn't occur like that (or didn't occur at all!) in manga and the pace was so different. in comparison, the anime is so inconsistent in its characters and story that it's become to a level that it's not faithful anymore, at all.
    it seems to me like someone didn't plan Inari, Konkon well. in the manga there is like a chain of events that consist on small interactions when one leads to another little by little and it's determine a nice pace that able to develop characters and story. thus, making it hard to adapt to 10 episodes and find a normal place to stop at.
    I don't think Inari Konkon should've been an OVA series, but instead it should've been 20 episodes (more or less) with the right pace and events. I can count many little events that were cut out of this series and it's become tiring and even painful to watch Inari going so…wrong for me.

    finale is upon us next week. I can only guess that they will solve most things, at least those related to Inari's power and Uka. but this stuff is already very different than how it was in the manga (yeah yeah. broken record again)… although there is still OVA (around June I think) which I think is will be somehow episode 11 (like blood lad OVA). I don't expect much of it. maybe this will be some of the lost interactions and all, but it won't be the same already…

  2. Well – that's why I said "in anime form at least", I haven't read the manga. I think generally a 10-episode series is likely to have pacing problems to begin with.

  3. R

    This episode was particularly bad in the way the changed certain things, because Inari's loss of control was supposed to be catastrophic: everyone around her was supposed to be a split-second away from DYING. There wasn't a slow rumbling earthquake that went on for a few minutes, she brought the entire mountain down on top of them in the space of a second or two.

    The manga is technically slower, but like thedarktower said, it spends that time developing characters and story-threads, development that has been drastically cut here. The true impact, the true power is missing from events in the anime, because they didn't take the time to make it all work properly.

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