Winter 2014 Preview Poll Results

There’s just no stopping moepigs.

I actually thought Space Dandy might come out on top in this poll, but Gin no Saji sniped the lead from it on the second day and never looked back.  Despite a relatively weak season on paper, this poll broke the record for most votes in a Season Preview poll – thanks to everyone who participated!

The winner of the RC poll, by the way, was Chuunibyou 2, which finished third here.  One possible candidate for an early surprise is Nobunagun, which finished near the bottom of the pack with 30 votes, but seems to have been very well-received after the first episode.



  1. F

    I am most surprised by Mikakunin seemingly being on no one's radar…. Well, the series will prove or disprove this impression soon enough. ^^

  2. Well, I did preview it, though it's definitely mid-table on my list. What are your reasons for high expectations?

  3. F

    Not quite so much high expectations, though on a personal level it seems to be just the sort of thing I would enjoy (I can almost hear you giggling to youself knowingly as I type this ^^ ).

    I guess I kinda thought it would be mid table for a lot of people as opposed to the bottom of the barrel is all.

  4. Well, yeah – TBH it did seem like something right up your street. ;-P

    Believe me, if it was bottom of the barrel for me I wouldn't have included it in the preview.

  5. S

    mikakunin came out to be my type
    i liked the first episode
    but i seriously thought nisekoi would have scored more

  6. t

    well, dandy and silver-spoon were on top. not so surprise here. same goes with Chuunibyou and even Nisekoi which is hyped (for a reason as someone familiar with shaft and the manga).
    all top5 aren't much of big surprise.

    the anticipated horror pupa is a little higher than I thought. I am waiting for pupa ever since fall, but it's 5-min anime and I hope(!) it will be able to meet expectations of horror and such.

    inari konkon is pretty high (7th) and I am happy. maybe the success (at least as I see it) of gingitsune made it.

    a little behind are Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta & Houzuki no Reitetsu. I expected the former to be ranked a little higher. but let it be. I really loved the premiere and I think it'll be one of the best in the end of the season.

    sleepers: Nobunagun indeed. Mahou Sensou too. and also I count wake up girls (which I look forward to, but not as much as others).

    and one of the things I really look forward to is wizards barristers (well I voted to it HaHa).
    it's from studio ARMS and the animation is great.

    speaking of studio ARMS, some off-topic. in the past they produced a film called "Kite". and now there is a live-action with Samuel L. Jackson:

    now I am really look forward to that. from what I have been told, the original KITE film was very good. yes, it contains tough violence scenes and some sexuality scenes (THO it's not supposed to be hardcore hentai..something like berserk and mardock scramble, besides there is a censored version).
    I wonder how will that be…

    Astro-boy, old-boy and now that?HaHa! is it possible that Samuel L. Jackson is an Otaku? XD

  7. F

    I'll give Chuunibyou a chance since the first was so fun, and of course Gin no Saji, but nothing else stands out. You mentioned in one of your previous posts that one saving grace of this season was the continuation of the split cour shows and I believe you.

    Aside from HxH, Yowamushi Pedal, and Nagi no Asukara I'll be digging into my archived shows that I haven't had time to watch, yet: Natsume Yuujinchou, Ginga e Kickoff!!, Kyousou Giga, Chihayafuru, . . .

  8. Based on the first crop, I'd say Noragami is one to give a chance to.

  9. m

    Which shows are you planning to blog in the new season? I'm surprised Nisekoi was so high up on the poll. The manga has its funny moments, but seems to be a typical oblivious MC harem story. But at least its doesn't have the ridiculous giant boobs/fanservice of Maken-ki.

    Have you read the silver spoon manga up to the current translation?

  10. No, the anime will be fresh for me. That's a given, Noragami seems like a very strong bet, Space Dandy unless it totally tanks. Hozuki no Reitetsu and Inari Konkon will surprise me if they aren't good enough to blog. Beyond that it's a whole passel of question marks.

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