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Oh, well.

No reason not to hope for a miracle right up to the last moment, but this isn’t working any better for me than it was the last few weeks, so I’m out.  No need to rehash all the reasons why, as I’ve made them pretty plain by now – the main point is this episode didn’t bring any change from the direction we were moving in, and if there’s some some of clever revelation coming along around Episode 19 to explain all this, it’s not worth sitting through two months worth of episodes like this to find out.

At least we did get about two minutes of Gotou, and the interesting revelation that Mari has moved in with him (but seemingly platonically).  It’s not nearly enough, but it is interesting that the direction Samumenco has taken has actually made me nostalgic for episodes focused on Mari.

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  1. e

    Indeed the Gotou part – now cum Mari – was the only one I found enjoyable. I think I see what they're trying to do and I am a bit familar with the tropes – plus nostalgic clunky mecha! – but the result is not that interesting or funny as it is now and the payoff dubious.
    Personally I'm putting this on hold and if there is some actual payoff by the end I'll try catching up… or cutting straight to the payoff parts – if any :,D – .

  2. H

    The last good original anime to come out of NoitaminA was what, Psycho-Pass? Everything else looks to be award-winning mangas, LNs *shudder* and games that could get adaptations outside the block anyway.

    Scrap the Fuji block for one that favors gutsy Urasawa or Kentaro Miura style material I say! If the Attack of Titan is anything to go by, surely people want more in that vein.

  3. i

    Gin no Saji

  4. t

    he meant original show.
    Gin no Saji is based on manga after all…so didn't count 😛

    mostly NoitaminA has good shows, but originals fail lately – galilei donna &samumenco. the exception is indeed psycho-pass. well butcher after all.
    that aside, NoitaminA had some good shows like R;N last year. and if we go back a little then original works too.

    BTW, A-1 kinda have taken control over NoitaminA. every season they have one show in it. not that I have problems with silver-spoon, I love it. but GD was a fail, and A-1 already slated a LN anime adaptation in NoitaminA on spring. so bascially we barely see other studios there so it's disappointing a little.

  5. E

    I wouldn't even count Psycho-Pass. Urobuchi does as good a job as he can with it, but in the very end the concept is plainly Minority Report with added grittiness. And for god's sake can Japan DROP THE SAMURAI RIVALRY TROPE ALREADY

  6. Z

    Psycho-Pass proudly wears its many influences on its sleeves. Many didn't see that as a bad thing. The whole [Psycho-Pass equals Minority Report therefore is bad] is becoming a tired argument.

  7. j

    I can't blame you for getting a little frustrated with the execution/abundance of illogical aspects in the plot, but for me, I can somehow look past it and see the heart of what the writers were going for. There was a bit of commentary on what being a hero means in this episode, but I'm guessing you don't wanna hear it, so I'll spare you.

  8. t

    I know you quit and all..and that's OK.
    but seriously, this week episode (#13 I think?) giving vibes of the old samumenco. it was really good and interesting.
    don't get me wrong – it's not like I push you to see it or something…but I am just saying it was kinda good and different from regular stuff.
    if they were to air this episode instead of last week episode (#12) it would've been way better. but that's just samumenco…it's weird LOL

  9. A

    I agree, Samurai Flamenco really stepped up its game this week; even as someone who didn't mind the silly stuff, this was the best episode since before the 'twist'.

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