Tokyo Diaries – Kitanomaru Kouen, Imperial East Garden

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Nope, not sick of koyo yet…

Today brings us to Kitanomaru Kouen, adjacent to Kudanshita Station and part of the old Imperial Palace grounds.  The weather was crisp but crystal clear, perfect for coaxing the leaves to full splendor, so I thought it was a good time to check out a spot I haven’t been to before.

I quite liked Kitanomaru, and the colors are really whipping into form.  This isn’t a neat and tidy landscape garden, but more of a rambling and slightly shaggy natural area peppered with museums and the Nippon Budokan, the hideous auditorium where most foreign rockers who can fill stadiums play when they come to town.

The other nice part about Kitanomaru is that it links up with the Imperial Palace East Garden, which goes all the way to Tokyo Station.  There aren’t as many trees there (though they do have a few autumn-blooming Sakura) but it’s still a marvelous place to stroll, so I snapped a few candids there as well.  I did, however, have to tell a couple of disappointed Aussies asking where the castle was that it actually burned down 140 years ago.  I wish I’d seen it in all its glory, too…

IMG_20131130_133751 IMG_20131130_134027 IMG_20131130_134120
IMG_20131130_134138 IMG_20131130_134205 IMG_20131130_134326
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  1. R

    It's so beautiful, and everything looks prettier on such a nice day. Autumn is really the best — and a treat after the hot humid summer, I guess. I'm glad that you got out and enjoyed the beautiful colours that nature brings. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us — I have always loved reading your Tokyo Diaries posts.

  2. F

    You know, I am really starting to ache with a bizarre combo of envy and nostalgia – your photos remind me not only of the time I spent in Japan but also of all the pics I have been loking at for so many years now. -_-

    In other words I love them, vote for "moar! moar!" and want to shake my fist and say "Yurusan!"


  3. t

    god, those pictures. it looks amazing, everything looks so colorful and bright with that sun. must be so nice.

    Thank you Enzo, for a lot of Tokyo Diaries lately. you really know to take images.
    even though I am not there, it just nice to read those posts with the pictures.

  4. You're welcome. I just wish I had a decent camera and the wherewithal to use it.

  5. e

    Camellias, gingkos, momiji and autumn sakura. Ah <3.
    I leave the articulated Homo Sapiens Sapiens-level comments to Ronbb :,).

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