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    It was beautiful (wipe a tear from the eye), oh wait… HARADA-SENSEI, WTF. Lol didn't see that coming.

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    Also I found another parameter in whether I buy an anime DVD/BD or not – popularity. If it's a very popular work (Haruhi, Toradora, etc.) I'm less inclined to buy it than if it was a less popular one like SSY or UK. I think I'd rather spend money supporting those studios that made an effort to make something great and weren't rewarded for it.

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    And I started re-watching Chihayafuru for the first time. I was always scared that the love I hold for the series would wain even slightly by doing so but I was wrong, it grew. I really don't think they'll ever be anime like Chihayafuru for me, I'm as passionate about it as it is possible to be. I wonder if my future wife will think I'm cheating by buying Chihayafuru stuff?

    Also it's the only anime that's ever given me tears of joy, it's that special.

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