Poll: If You Could Choose Your Nen Type…

I won’t say I’m surprised at the winner here (I voted for it myself) but this was a much bigger whitewash than I expected.

Specialist carries the day, with an almost 3-1 margin over the runner-up, Enhancer.  The field was tightly packed except for Emitter, which trailed badly.  Not much love for Leorio and Knuckle, but Chrollo obviously has a lot of admirers out there…



  1. t

    Not really surprising.
    I guess Chrollo and Kurapica abilities did the job in this poll. moreover, I am sure the voters for specialist have some ideas in mind for special abilities.

    Conjurer (3rd) above Transmuter (4th) was surprising. after all…killua and hisoka are falling in the latter category. I expected them to reach #3 after Enhancers (aka Gon 😛 ).

  2. Even though Kurapika does turn Specialist in red-eye mode, I still think of him primarily as a Conjurer – that's where he's made his big impact on the story. I think it was York Shin that got the category all those votes.

  3. S

    Personally I voted "Conjurer" because Specialist is a double edged sword – you don't get to choose your Specialist skill. You might get an overpowered ability like Kurapika, you might get Neon's divination skills (which while useful in their own right would kinda leave you out of the action). Conjurer, imho, is the most flexible Nen school. You think of an object and a set of conditions to satisfy and build your ability on that. It's the kind of thing that would satisfy my brainy attitude the most. I don't see me as a pure strength type. Also, according to the Wiki…

    "Conjurers are typically high-strung. They are often on guard as to be overly cautious. They are very observant and rarely fall into the traps. Being able to analyse things calmly is the strength of Conjurers."

    …and that feels similar to my approach to problems.

  4. t

    but as a Conjurer he is..quite weak. it's kinda raw power without perfection. luckily for him he is quite a strategist, so it amends that.
    but in order to beat the spiders…he must have the red-eye mode. it's like..he meant to be specialist. he can't use his full power, and especially not chain-jail (due to the condition) unless he is against the spiders.

    his true power (almost invincible) comes when he is specialist.
    I still can't forget one of the most brilliant fights in HxH (and the anime world) when he fought Uvo.

    and yeah Yorknew arc definitely brought "specialists". after chimera ant, it's the second best arc (some says it's even better than chimera ant arc)

  5. S

    Yeah, but my point is, just having a Specialist power doesn't assure you get that strong either – it's a lottery really. Even Chrollo, his power makes him strong only because he spent years harvesting abilities from as many opponents as possible. Kurapika's ability is such a game breaker it's almost unfair. As for his Conjuration power, they are so weak only because he wanted to become too strong too fast and unbalanced them in favour of something that could help him against the Spiders. The fun thing with Conjuration powers is that you get to customize your weapon of choice. It allows for a lot of smart tricks and possibilities, as opposed to the relatively "raw" force of enhancers and, to a point, emitters.

  6. e

    So many specialists around I'm almost glad I opted for something different X,D, although the the X factor of specialists it's a point of interest in itself.
    In the end as every Nen type carries its own set of quirks I surrendered to the Hisoka assignment based on personality method. Born an enhancer, grew a transmuter armour . Hi there folks *wink wink* Plus turning water sweet sounds pretty (sorry ) sweet and food porny to me :p.

  7. i

    I chose Transmuter – Hisoka/Killua all the way for me. Specialist or Conjurer would be cool as well but for me it has to be Transmuter. The thought of using Bungee gum or electricity is just to awesome to give up.

  8. d

    Transmuter. Hisoka sells this very well as it's how you use what you have.

  9. K

    We haven't had a lot of good emmiter guys. The best ones we've seen are Razor and Knuckle. Not surprised Enhancer was second it's the most balanced category and Uvo showed the full potential of an enhancer. Who only lost to Kurapika due to the element of surprise.

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